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An Historic Accomplishment: Natural gas initiative makes it on the ballot

Last week, Let’s Go Washington and the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) successfully submitted the final round of petitions in support of I-2066, which would protect natural gas as an energy choice. It was a political earthquake here in the Evergreen State: 546,002 signatures collected in only 50 days. This is an historic accomplishment, and BIAW shared it is the second-highest number of signatures gathered for a state initiative in Washington’s history, and the most overall in 50 years, exemplifying “how powerful Washington citizens’ voices are.” FPIW was proud to have played a supporting role in this initiative, and we congratulate Let’s Go Washington, BIAW, and the citizens of Washington on this tremendous success.

“When we launched this initiative 50 days ago, I knew Washingtonians opposed the idea of banning natural gas, but the support for this initiative has been truly amazing,” BIAW Executive Vice President Greg Lane noted. “We look forward to voters now having the chance to protect natural gas as an energy choice by approving I-2066 in November.” (emphasis added)

This powerful initiative gives voters the power to:

  • “Protect natural gas for heating, cooking and more.
  • Stop state and local governments, and their agencies, from banning, restricting, or discouraging gas and gas appliances in homes and businesses, like restaurants.
  • Make sure gas utilities will continue to provide natural gas to customers who want it.
  • Stop the state from limiting natural gas service to homes and businesses, like restaurants and breweries.
  • Protect people from having to switch to only electric energy.
  • Keep the power on when our energy grid is at capacity in super cold or hot weather.”

“Today’s announcement is the result of a strong partnership with Washington’s leading industry associations and the passion of the people of Washington who are tired of politicians in Olympia making their lives more expensive,” Brian Heywood of Let’s Go Washington shared. “Initiative 2066 will now be on the ballot in November. Together with the three other initiatives we have on the ballot, we’re giving Washington the ultimate opportunity to vote yes and pay less.” (emphasis added)

At FPIW, we know how powerful the voice of the people can be. Every conservative in Washington has the ability to impart change in our state, and if you were involved in signing or distributing any of the Let’s Go Washington petitions over the past several months, we commend you for your civic activism and the part you are playing in advancing the conservative movement in our beautiful state. If you want to stay involved and continue to defend families and biblical values in your community, we urge you to consider becoming an FPIW Defender:

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Join us! Please sign up to become a DEFENDER today. 



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