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BREAKING: FPIW *Banned* from Twitter for Speaking Biological Truth

FPIW has been suspended from Twitter because of the following tweet:

The tweet read, “What an insult to women that a man has snagged the title of “First Female Four Star Admiral” and linked to an article titled, “Rachel Levine Is Not the ‘First Female Four-Star Admiral’ … Because He’s a Male.”

All facts here – so what’s the problem?

According to Twitter, FPIW has violated the “hateful conduct policy” which states that users “may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.”

FPIW’s tweet, however, did not promote violence or directly attack or threaten anyone. We simply stated what many women across America are thinking: that it is a shame that the honor of “first female Four Star Admiral” did not actually go to a biological female. Why are opportunities being stripped from women for the sake of a biological man’s feelings, and why is Big Tech in on this pagan cabal?

FPIW has been banned for simply speaking the truth. Twitter, other social media companies, and the Biden administration cannot run away from science and facts forever. This logic is obviously destroying our country because it goes against reality of man and woman.

Now, we need your help in deciding how to move forward. Our options (according to the anti-science tyrants of Twitter) are the following:

1) Delete the Tweet. After deleting the tweet, we would get immediate access back into our Twitter account and be able to continue tweeting…with a strike against us.

2) Appeal the decision. Since our tweet clearly does not violate the hateful conduct policy and merely states biological facts, we can appeal the decision.

Please let us know what you think FPIW should do by clicking on this link and selecting an answer.

The anti-science, anti-God cabal of radical neopagans, Big Tech, and secular corporations cannot avoid basic biology forever and continue to adopt a destructive delusion. They deserve to be called out not only for censoring actual facts and suppressing free speech, but also participating in the erasure of women in the United States.

Pretending that biological males are female is evil, and no one should tolerate this.

We need your help to combat these anti-family, anti-human colluding forces. Will you consider giving to FPIW to help us take this to the next level? 

FPIW will embark on a full counterattack in 2022. We believe we must go bold with Christ or go home and be persecuted. Evangelization and boldly speaking counterculture will be the only way we survive as a state.  

Republicans have failed us, “conservatives” seem to avoid issues, and corporate America and the local Chamber of Commerce gladly work with evil daily. We cannot trust timid politicians which seem to populate leadership or libertarian types, and frankly, even compromised Christians pastors.

Forget the type of Republican or conservative like Kim Wyman or Chris Vance. Both have surrendered to evil and are willing to sacrifice children and Christ for a good paying job rather than speak against our corrupted society. In any case, expect the Truth of Jesus Christ to be our top agenda next year.  It will be bold, and we will change hearts and minds.  Twitter, the radical media, and the Democrats don’t stand a chance next year. To HIS glory.

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