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Cedar Park Church shows us how to fight for our values

Pastor Jay and Sandy Smith of the Cedar Park Church in Bothell are showing everyone in Washington State what it means to go beyond speech and truly live out your faith.

A horrific, ill-advised state law that took effect in 2018 requires churches and religious organizations to provide coverage for abortions in their employees’ healthcare plans, even if they are morally opposed to abortion. The pagans and radicals that run this state’s politics not only support the killing of unborn children, but they want you to pay for it.

Jay and Sandy truly took up the “if not me, then who?” charge and decided to sue the state of Washington on the constitutionality of that evil 2018 mandate.

Plus, they truly know the weight of an unplanned pregnancy and being tempted by the false promises of abortion: as unwedded teenagers, they were faced with an unplanned pregnancy and they chose life, even though they knew their carefully crafted plans would be radically altered. They trusted in God, however, and now they fight for the rights of all the unborn.

Attorneys from the Alliance Defending Freedom recently made arguments before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals after a lower court rejected the lawsuit. A decision is expected in the coming months.

This case is a reflection of the broader attitudes toward not only unborn life, but the role government should play in our lives. Pro-abortionists cling to the mantra that an individual’s choice to get an abortion does not affect you, and therefore it is none of your business. Of course, this is a weak claim. It was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who said that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

It is our duty to stand up for the rights of unborn lives everywhere. We are morally obliged to call out injustice and spread truth.

“Learn to do good. Make justice your aim: redress the wronged…Come now, let us set things right, says the Lord” (Isaiah 1:17-18).

Grueling reports of fetal body parts being casually trafficked and used in horrid experiments are tragic reminders that there are pagans and radicals who have no respect for the dignity and sanctity of life. The radical left believes the government should force you to fund abortions and experiments on the unborn with taxpayer dollars. They do not want you to have your own beliefs; in their satanic world, you must fully conform to their evil ways.

We have to follow the examples of Pastor Jay and Sandy Smith and confront evil everywhere, not just with our speech, but where possible, take action to stand up for life and God’s truths. Evil must be confronted, not just complained about. In today’s cancel culture, this can seem incredibly daunting and impose a major threat on our lives.

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?’ ‘Here I am,’ I said; ‘send me!’” (Isaiah 6:8)

Today, I invite you to pray for Jay, Sandy, and the entire congregation of Cedar Park, and ask the Lord, “where do you want to send me?” We hope that you prayerfully consider identifying as a Christian and joining the WA Christian Caucus as we bring Christ’s teachings to the public square. More details will coming in August.

By Mark Miloscia|July 15th, 2021|Miscellaneous|0 Comments

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