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Celebrating Pride Month IS Celebrating America’s Destruction

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It’s June, which means everywhere you turn, you’ll find corporate America openly celebrating and promoting “Pride Month.” Every logo suddenly finds a rainbow, and many companies seem eager to promote the forced acceptance and celebration of debauchery and hedonistic sexual ethics and the continued, ongoing destruction of our Christian heritage and end of basic American values.

It wasn’t all that long ago that “family friendly” Corporate America promoted morality and even Christian ethics in its advertising – even Seattle-based Alaska Airlines used to offer a note of scripture alongside its in-flight breakfast. But those days seem long gone for most companies, as faith is replaced by a new religion of radical humanism and narcissism.

Christians are increasingly unwelcome in corporate environments and, even if they are tolerated, most are forced into silence about their beliefs and values – especially when it comes to the LGBT lobby’s biggest culture-shifting objectives.

Just this week, we learned that Salsa, one of the top nonprofit donor software companies used by Christian advocacy organizations like FPIW, has been bought by an anti-Christian software company who will “decline to sell” to Christian organizations who remain true to life, family, marriage and children.  The corporates boycotts are getting worse here in America and soon, Christians will be forced to abandon their faith or be punished.

Think about what June now truly represents: the destruction of America! Corporate America is now going to spend 30 days celebrating and aiding the activities that will destroy Christians and families here in America, which may lead to the end of America as a viable country.

Why is much of Corporate America choosing to openly celebrate, destructive sin, and support the organizations who will destroy our country?

The answer is pretty simple, actually: fear of the raw power of the LGBT movement and anti-Christian elites, and a lack of faith in God.

The radical pagans and heretical Christians who have abandoned God, know that they need to use raw power and fear to get America’s businesses and corporations on their side, if they are ever to achieve a world where their blatant sin is never questioned.

They use power and fear to push Hollywood for more visibility. They pushed corporations to include more gay couples in their advertising. They filed lawsuits, started boycotts, and even demonstrated against Christian business owners – to silence their beliefs and anything they might say that undermines the LGBT narrative. They created “Pride Month” as a way to coerce the nation’s economic drivers into supporting their objectives and in destroying Christians.

GLAAD, a gay and lesbian advocacy organization, has to this say about corporate America’s role in promoting LGBT objectives (emphasis in bold is mine):

“Non-LGBTQ people who are exposed to LGBTQ media images are more likely to experience increasing levels of acceptance and comfortability towards LGBTQ people. Companies and brands have the responsibility to ensure that they include LGBTQ people in their ads, with an emphasis on accurate, positive, impactful representation.”

What is not being said, is that they will also use corporate America to criminalize or destroy Christian conduct and speech, as we have seen with MLB, Coca-Cola, and too many other corporations that we will soon call out by name. The LGBT lobby is deliberately using Corporate America to force the acceptance of their anti-Biblical behaviors while simultaneously, working to destroy organizations who support the Christian viewpoints on sexuality and human identity.

Today, only 5.4% of Americans identify as LGBT, but that number is much larger than those who identified as LGBT just a few years ago. With millennials, that number is now 16%! The outsized role of LGBT-focused advertising isn’t about being “accurate;” it’s about being persuasive within the next generation of consumers.

Last week, we just learned that America’s birthrate has plummeted to 1.61, well below the 2.1 needed for zero population growth. This would not have happened, if the LGBT movement, along with the abortion industry, had led the fight to destroy family, marriage, and normal sexual norms; now, they are going directly after Christians.

The LGBT movement will continue to force Corporate America to depict sin as fun and acceptable, and more people will join in. The obvious next steps in the next ten years is polygamy, polyamory, and, of course, pedophilia. They’ve already normalized child mutilation and physical abuse, and now we see the discussion shifting to these even worse sins.

We need to speak up and press Corporate America, and our elected officials, to reject the LGBT mandates being forced by the LGBT lobby upon Americans and return to the gospel of Jesus Christ as the guiding document for morality in America. Only bringing people back to prayer and to Jesus Christ will save corporate America from itself and our country.By Mark Miloscia|June 4th, 2021|Miscellaneous|3 Comments

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