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How to Change the World in One Day

There is one day left to vote. That means there’s one day left to turn in your ballot. There’s one day left to get your voter guide. There’s one day left to find out if your friends and family have voted while there is still time to remind them.

What’s at stake if we all do nothing?

It’s hard to say.

What we know is that a bunch of races will be decided by a small number of votes.

In 2012, a state Senator was elected by 78 votes. In 2010, a state legislator was elected by 37 votes. Something similar will happen again this year.

If we all invest 30 minutes in the culture by making sure the selection of our leaders included our input, those close elections will go the way we want them to.

So send a few Facebook messages, emails, text messages or pick up a phone.

Remind your friends who haven’t yet voted to do so.

There’s no way you regret that kind of investment in the culture. But the chances of regretting the decision not to influence the culture? Well, we all kind of know what that feels like don’t we?

Just this morning I heard from another parent in Washington State concerned because their child’s school district is working on a policy to allow boys in the girl’s bathroom if he says he feels like a girl.

Bad decisions often come from bad leadership.

But you can change/avoid bad leadership in one day. Let’s do that.

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