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Conservatives aren’t politicizing sexual assault, the Left is

A teenage girl was raped in her high school bathroom by a 15-year-old boy wearing a skirt, and when Republicans were outraged and demanded policies to keep their daughters safe at school, the Left accused them of weaponizing sexual assault to profit politically. Accusations of this nature from the Left are not uncommon, but are nevertheless heartless and despicable. Democrats routinely demonize conservatives who stand up for vulnerable populations, when it is perhaps the most intrinsic moral good. 

This story dates back to 2021, when the Loudoun County Public Schools in the D.C. suburbs was considering Policy 8040, which would have allowed transgender and “gender-expansive” students to use bathrooms intended for the opposite sex. Just as the policy was coming up for a vote, the rape occurred. Only 15 days before the young girl was victimized, an employee of the school alerted administration about the perpetrator’s aggressive behavior. After the incident he was transferred to another school, where he victimized yet another young girl. 

Instead of worrying about the young woman who was raped, internal emails show officials were more concerned that the incident would prevent the transgender bathroom policy from going into effect. Heartless.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only time a female has been victimized due to similar “open-door” policies that allow transgender individuals to use spaces intended for the opposite sex. Countless women and girls have been assaulted, raped, or photographed/recorded in changing rooms, bathroom stalls, and locker rooms. It’s time to put an end to these policies and stand up for women and girls. Where are all the feminists on this issue?

It’s worth wondering why the Left thinks conservatives “hate” transgender kids so much, when the only goal of Republican “anti-LGBT” policies have been protecting confused kids from being mutilated and sterilized, sheltering elementary students from adult sexuality in their curriculum, and fighting to protect girls in their bathrooms, locker-rooms, and sports. The Left is pushing for “transgender rights” at the expense of the safety and welfare of all other children; and further, their version of “helping” transgender minors causes significantly more harm than good. Those children need counseling, not medical intervention.

It is unfathomable that the Left can take something as straightforward as parents making sure their daughters aren’t raped in school bathrooms and turn it into a culture war. 

Liberal media is accusing conservatives of weaponizing these all-too-common occurrences, when it’s really the pot calling the kettle black. The Left has done nothing but demonize parents who are trying to protect their daughters, labeling them as hateful, extremists, “transphobic,” and more. They choose to ignore the facts and ignore the countless girls who have been victimized by their policies and pretend they are the compassionate ones for defending “transgender kids,” but they are only enabling students to take advantage of school policies and target their classmates with sexual violence. 

There is an ever-growing pattern of the Left turning conservatives into aggressors in order to mask their own ignorance, violence, and extremism. Don’t let them fool you.

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