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Does your child’s school have a “gender nonconforming” policy in place?

Forty-eight school districts in Washington state have policies in place to hide students’ gender identity from their parents, helping them transition socially – and in some cases, even medically – without informing or receiving consent from their legal guardians. When looking at districts in all 50 states, that number soars to 1,040 districts with similar policies – impacting 18,335 schools and 10,712,558 students. 

Let that sink in: over 10 million students across the United States are currently exposed to policies that threaten their safety and wellbeing, all behind their parents’ backs. Every single parent – regardless of their views on gender identity should be outraged that their rights as legal guardians of their children are slowly being stripped away, and they are no longer able to protect their children in the school system. 

Below is a list of Washington’s school districts that have enacted transgender/gender nonconforming policies that instruct teachers and administrators to hide a student’s transition status from their parents. Some of these policies date back to 2014, but are only now coming to light. Out of Washington’s 295 school districts, there are likely many others that have similar policies in place – whether those policies are public is another matter entirely. 

This blog is the first in a two-part series. Find the second installment here.

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