Election Update: Day Three

It has only been three days after the election and there are ballots still being counted. These late ballots are having huge impacts on a handful of races where only a few hundred votes are deciding who will win.

We have been tracking five races, and of those races, four Democrat incumbents are losing to their Republican opponents:

  • 17th legislative district (Vancouver): Democrat incumbent Monica Stonier has been steadily falling behind Republican Lynda Wilson. After serving her first term in the House, Representative Stonier has only 48.5% of the votes cast in Tuesday’s election; that’s 946 votes behind Wilson.
  • 25th legislative district (Puyallup): Republican Melanie Stambaugh has been steadily gaining more and more votes. As it stands now, Stambaugh has 2,998 votes and could unseat her opponent, Representative Morrell who has served in the State legislature for almost 8 years (2003-2011 and 2013-2015).
  • 26th legislative district (Gig Harbor/Port Orchard): Republican Michelle Caldier has been slowly gaining votes and now has a 242 vote lead over Democrat incumbent Representative Larry Seaquist, who has been in office since 2006.
  • 28th legislative district (Lakewood): What started out looking like a close but good race for Republican Paul Wagemann has now flipped in favor of his opponent Democrat Christine Kilduff who is leading with 240 votes.
  • 35th legislative district (Shelton/Mason County): Up until yesterday afternoon, Democrat incumbent Kathy Haigh (elected in 1998) had been leading the tight race for the 35th legislative district. But now Republican Dan Griffey has pulled ahead and has been gaining more and more votes. What was at one point a 223 lead for Haigh is now a 157 vote lead for Griffey.

We will continue to keep you updated on the election results as they come in. In the meantime, you can read our previous election results here.

Click here for daily updates on all legislative and congressional races from the Secretary of State .

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