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Enemies of the Pagan, LGBT, Abortion, and BLM State: Christian Schools in Washington

Many parents greatly rely on the many fine Christian educational institutions in our state to help them achieve every parents’ primary duty: to ensure their children receive both a good education and a virtuous moral foundation based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. And year by year, the radical pagans who run our state do everything in their power to counter and suppress Christian parents and schools in order to steal the minds of children and young adults for their evil worldview.

The Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate worked to destroy Christian Schools 1,600 years ago. So did Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Castro in recent times. Today, Governor Inslee and Democratic Party-led legislature have joined with these historical figures in order to destroy Christianity here in Washington State.

Those who hate Jesus Christ and his followers have developed an evil plan, designed to shut down and crush Christian Churches and schools in Washington

And it is a plan that no one can deny any longer.

First, in September 2019, King’s School in Seattle was labeled as an enemy of the pagan state because it enforced hiring policies that required adherence to a statement of faith, which included references to Biblical marriage and sexuality. They were publicly shamed by the Left and protested in the hopes that enrollment would evaporate.

Then, in February 2020, Kennedy Catholic High School in Burien was labeled as an enemy of the pagan state for releasing two sets of employees who became engaged to be married to their same-sex partners – also in violation of their employment agreement. They were publicly shamed by the Left and protested in the hopes that enrollment would evaporate.

That same month, Catholic leaders like Bishop Thomas Daly were shocked to learn that the once-Jesuit Gonzaga University in Spokane would be hosting an LGBT law clinic to promote policy objectives of the radical, anti-Catholic LGBT movement. Had the school’s leadership said “no,” which they should have, they would have been publicly shamed by the Left and protested in the hopes that enrollment would evaporate.

And today, Seattle Pacific University is in crisis after rebelling faculty submitted a vote of no confidence against the college’s board members, which had voted to uphold the school’s hiring policy, enforcing Biblical bounds on the relationships of those it hires. The Left, especially the Seattle Times, is publicly shaming and protesting in the hopes that enrollment will evaporate and Christianity will be crushed.

This past legislative session, Planned Parenthood and the racist, BLM Critical Race Theory movement worked to introduce and pass ten ugly bills designed to promote racism and abortion, and to corrupt children and adults in our public education, higher education, and healthcare systems. Today, these institutions are legally mandated to promote evil and death; only the private, Christian schools and churches remain untainted.

Here’s the truth: this indoctrination, harassment, and abuse against Christian schools are spiritual battles that will only get worse. Those who oppose Christian schools do so because they oppose Jesus Christ and the teaching of scripture. They will not stop, ever! They call for dialogue, but in reality, they want conversion to sin and evil, or ruin. We cannot let down our defenses and we must join this battle for the hearts and minds of our children. The alternative is unacceptable.

Those in board and senior leadership positions at schools that have been attacked for following Christian principles deserve our support, and those in positions at these schools who have wavered in their support for Jesus Christ’s truths must repent of the sin of allowing corruption and heresy to take hold at our state’s most sacred institutions.

Here’s the solution: Christians leaders and Pastors in Washington must join with FPIW to help evangelize the culture, passionately protect our Christian institutions, and boldly push back against those who wish to steal and harm our children. Otherwise, Christian schools will be destroyed within the next five years here in Washington State.

Speak out, act, before it is too late!

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