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What Should I Do With an Extra Hour?

One week from today, a new group of leaders will have been selected.

And for two years, they will be making life changing decisions on our behalf.

At the federal level, they’ll decide issues ranging from immigration, to health care, to laws mandating churches hire people who do not live according to their faith could all be on the table.

At the state level, our leadership will determine…

  • whether parents should know if their kids are having an abortion,
  • whether Washington State will have an income tax and/or a carbon tax,
  • whether every insurance policy should cover an abortion,
  • whether the state can tell pastors what to say in church counseling offices,
  • or whether contract surrogacy should become legal and the womb should become an item of commerce.

And that’s just the start.

Recently, in a conversation with a pastor friend, I told him that Planned Parenthood in Washington State had received more than $250 million from the state and federal government since 2008.

His response? “That’s why elections matter.”


They do matter.  That’s why we hope you’ll return your ballot and vote for candidates who value life, marriage, religious freedom, and parental rights.  If you need help finding out who those candidates are, go to or text your zip code to 77039.  If you want to see who Planned Parenthood has endorsed, click here.  That may be just as useful.

But don’t stop there.  Too much is at stake.

Take the time in the next 5 days to make sure 10 of your friends vote as well.

This weekend is daylights savings which means we all get an extra hour.

What are you going to do with that hour?

You could spend that extra hour watching TV or sorting the sock drawer. Or, you could do something that will change the direction of our state for the next two years.

We hope you’ll use that extra hour this weekend on Vote Finder to find just ten of your like-minded friends or family to see if they have turned in their ballots yet.   You type in their first and last name, Vote Finder will tell you if they have turned in their ballot or not.

If they have, great!  Nothing else to do.

If not, make a call or send them a message asking them to turn it in as a personal favor to you.  It’s likely they’ll say yes.  But they might also say they don’t know who they should be voting for and then you can help them with that as well.

Most of us feel less informed than we should be, but conversations between friends is a great way to be more informed.

In the end, everyone will feel better. Your friends will feel more informed, they’ll feel like they did their civic duty, and you’ll know you built more support for a culture that recognizes the significance and the sanctity of the family.

An extra hour of TV or…making sure Planned Parenthood doesn’t get another quarter billion of the public’s money.  Not that hard of a decision is it?

Ten voters.  That’s a good use of a surplus hour.


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