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FPIW Action Scorecard: The List of Legislative Champions in 2021

Last week, the Spokane Police Department announced that it plans on eliminating its traffic unit due to staffing shortages. Traffic stops will continue, the department clarified, as patrol officers will still be making rounds. But the elimination of the traffic unit is causing some Washingtonians to ask: which unit is next?

Chief Craig Meidl acknowledged that the “anti-police rhetoric” has significantly hindered hiring more officers. It was this fervent, misplaced anti-police rhetoric that led to the radical left pushing through HB 1310 in the 2021 legislative session, which effectively crippled the police in their ability to prevent and respond to crime.

HB 1310 was just one bill in Washington, and the results have already been damaging. The radical left, however, successfully passed a number of other horrendous bills, like HB 1009, which added mandatory abortion coverage to student healthcare plans, and SB 5313, which mandates that health insurance providers cover sex mutilation surgeries and sex change treatments on minors as well as adults. In 2020, the legislature passed a bill which deemed parental consent or notification of these procedures unnecessary. In addition to HB 1009 and SB 5313, there were unfortunately many other disastrous bills which serve to dismantle the family in Washington.

Our sister organization, FPIW Action, just released its Legislative Scorecard for 2021, which can be found here.

In reading the scorecard, note that the red shading indicates a legislator who correctly voted against legislation that would hurt the family, faith, and children, while the blue shading indicates a legislator who incorrectly voted for an anti-Christian policy bill that is harmful to families and society.

The following Legislative Champions of 2021 scored 100% according to FPIW Action’s scorecard, meaning they consistently voted in a way that honors faith and family.  Give special thanks to your local legislators and special thanks to the Legislative Champions of 2021 for their service and their fidelity to the teachings of Jesus Christ:

  • McCune – District 2
  • Chase – District 4
  • McCaslin – District 4
  • Padden – District 4
  • Brown – District 8
  • Schoesler – District 9
  • Honeyford – District 15
  • Dozier – District 16
  • Kraft – District 17
  • Walsh – District 19
  • Young – District 26
  • Fortunato – District 31
  • Sutherland – District 39
  • Wagoner – District 39
  • Ericksen – District 42

Some highlights:

-The top 15 legislators (score 100%) are Republican Party members. We are very hopeful that with your help and positive encouragement, this list will grow next year.

-The bottom 77 legislators (score 0%) are all Democratic Party members. We are not hopeful that there will be any improvement. No Democrat, excusing Sen Sheldon who caucuses with Republicans, scored higher than 13%.

-All three legislators from the 4LD centered around Spokane Valley (Padden, McCaslin, Chase) scored 100%.

-Sen. Doug Ericksen, Rep. Chase, and Sens. McCune and Dozier all have 100% lifetime records.

Despite the great number of horrible bills that passed in 2021, this List of Champions serves as a reminder that there are plenty of elected leaders who care deeply about life, family, and faith.

The goal next year for FPIW Action is to double the number of legislators with a 100% score. Our long-term goal is to ensure that both political parties support and passes bills based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. While we are close to achieving this with the Republican Party, the Democratic Party has, unfortunately, rejected Christ and has embraced gravely evil bills that will destroy our country.

Though we expect a slew of disturbing legislation in 2022, the tide is turning amongst the people. Can you feel it? Folks around the country are finally waking up to evil and are now getting involved. While many legislators seem to be utterly lost, we cannot give up on proclaiming the Gospel to each of them with love and kindness!

You are the salt of the earth!  Pray for all our legislators, that their hearts and minds shall turn towards the salvation of Jesus Christ.

By Mark Miloscia|September 14th, 2021|Miscellaneous|0 Comments

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