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FPIW Announces Defending Freedom Event Series


Frustrated about the election?  Thinking about sitting this one out?

Before you do anything, come spend an evening with us at one of our “Defending Freedom” events.

Regardless of how you feel about who is running for President, the people elected throughout the state and nation are going to make decisions that dramatically impact your family, your church, and religious freedom.

Our “Defending Freedom” series will show you the specific policy decisions that are at stake and how the upcoming state and federal level will impact them.

Tacoma | Yakima | Bothell | Tri-Cities | Vancouver | Spokane

At this event, attendees will:

  • Learn about the upcoming elections, and the issues that will surely be affected by the outcomes,
  • Get insider information about important federal and state-level issues and races including the State Supreme Court race,
  • Better understand the balance of power at the state and federal level, and
  • Have time to ask questions about the issues and processes.

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