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FPIW Releases New Video, “Truth is Compassion”



The Family Policy Institute of Washington has released its newest video, entitled “Truth is Compassion.”

This video was picked up and editorialized by Glenn Beck’s media giant TheBlaze over the weekend, pushing it into national spotlight as several states grapple with issues relating to transgender bathroom/locker room policies.

“The left is now aggressively pushing protected class status based on what someone says they are irrespective of reality,” FPIW’s executive director, Joseph Backholm told TheBlaze. “People should be free to ‘identify’ as something if they want to, but no one should have the power of government to be able to force someone else to agree with you.”

“Everyone wants to be compassionate. But before we start down the path of giving people protecting class status based on what they say they are, we need to think about where that road could lead,” Backholm added. “We hope this video helps to do that.”

Watch the video here:

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