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FPIW’s 2022 Legislative Agenda to Set the Truth Free

The Washington State Legislature began its 2022 legislative session Monday. Once again, the session will be closed to the public and held via Zoom without the involvement of those impacted most by the policies.

Our state legislature is also implementing incredibly restrictive meeting rules. In the House, only five legislators who show proof of vaccination, including a booster, will be allowed on the floor. Only 15 senators will be allowed on the Senate floor, and they must provide a negative covid test before entering.

While the virtual setting has the potential to allow elected officials to legislate with less accountability, we will demand transparency and ensure that COVID restrictions don’t affect the outcome of the session. Our ultimate goal is to pass laws that are consistent with Jesus’ teachings and oppose any bills that are contrary to Christian principles.

Last year’s HB 1141 assisted suicide just had a surprise early floor vote on Thursday passing with the disappointing support of all Democrats and three Republicans (Rude, Hoff, McEntire). This policy increases access to the Death with Dignity Act, meaning more adults will be eligible for assisted suicide with less safeguards. We strongly oppose this bill, as it violates God’s plan and disrespects the value of innocent life. In response, we are promoting better suicide prevention programs and promoting a culture that protects innocent life from conception to natural death.

We are tracking other harmful bills that we will announce and highlight to keep you updated.

FPIW is prepared to stand firmly against evil policy proposals, especially those pertaining to abortion, children, marriage, and our radical culture. Unfortunately, we have a governor and a legislature that is hostile toward the unborn. This year we hope and expect Roe v. Wade to be overturned and we expect Gov. Inslee will live up to his words from last year, when he called abortion a “right” and vowed to protect it in the state of Washington. “I will stand up as long as I am governor to protect the right of choice,” said Gov. Inslee. We will do everything in our power to oppose Gov. Inslee’s ideas about abortion. We plan to promote the stigmatization of abortion, support the overturn of Roe in the Dobbs case, and reduce abortion by 50% over the next five years.

Thankfully, Rep. Brad Klippert and others have introduced pro-life bills that we will be supporting. For example, House Bill 1679 would prohibit the use of the dangerous abortion pill, which not only ends a child’s life, but is also known to cause health complications for the mother.

In order to combat the evil, pagan-distorted concept of “social justice,” we must enforce a Christ-centered worldview or Christian Justice. We will promote Christian values such as authentic human development, faith, life, heterosexual marriage, the nuclear family, and repentance in both government and culture.

As radicals continue to forcefully promote and induce gender dysphoria, we are fighting back to keep our children from making life-altering and sinful decisions. FPIW will launch a plan to reduce the growing rate of gender dysphoric children by supporting actual treatment to address mental illness and a ban on reassignment surgery and pro-gender counseling or teachings which is child abuse.

In addition to gender, the left is also hyper-focused on race in such a counterproductive way they are now promoting racism. While opposing the New Racism touted by leftists, we will also work to end racial inequity in our country with programs promoting the Christian virtues of faith, chastity, drug abstinence, work, patriotism, and ending recidivism. FPIW will work to get CRT out of our public spaces.

These are just a few of the policy items that FPIW will be working towards in 2022. Our full comprehensive Christian agenda is located here.

Our strategic goal is to be Christ-centered and encourage our culture, elected officials, and church leaders to promote Christ’s teachings publicly to change hearts and minds. We have developed a faithful Christian public policy agenda that will make disciples of all people in our state, and we will build a coalition to help gain the support to pass the bills. The devil will certainly try to infiltrate our state through policy during this year’s legislative session, but we will be at the forefront fighting back.

Washington must become a Christian centered state again.

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