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From Gay Marriage to Normalizing Pedophilia in 9 years

Progressive ideology on sexuality continues to push boundaries and promote dangerous ideas. Earlier this month, Professor Allyn Walker of Old Dominion University (ODU) brought attention to a new term, “Minor-Attracted Persons” or “MAPs.” Walker, a transgender male, used the term to argue that pedophiles shouldn’t be stigmatized for their sexual attraction to children.

Initially, ODU seemed to defend Walker, but they eventually placed the professor on administrative leave. Much more troubling is that Walker’s view is gaining support among academia, professional associations like the American Psychiatric Association, and the entertainment industry who clearly dominate our culture and Democratic politics.

Normalizing pedophilia, what some would call “intergenerational sexual intimacy” or just another sexual orientation begins a path toward legalizing sex with children and empowering sex offenders. We already see this happening in Washington State as we legalized child prostitution for those under 18 years of age and passed a pornographic sex ed curriculum for public school students. Unless we draw a firm line TODAY, the pagan left and the Democrat Party will continue to push current boundaries until we destroy our country.

Unfortunately, we are seeing much more of this rhetoric as teachers and school librarians increasingly seek to normalize disordered sexual activities for children. One first grade teacher, who identifies as “queer,” claimed to openly discuss their sexual orientation with their students.  “My favorite moments are always when my students ask about my queerness,” the teacher wrote on Twitter. “I know the impact will make room for them to see beyond homo/transphobia to embrace nuance and complexity in the human experience.”

Children are even being encouraged to attend explicit “kink” performances at Pride parades to reassure them that “alternative experiences of sexuality and expression are valid.” Not only are children too young to be exposed to such behaviors, but they are also being presented with a distorted worldview that will ultimately harm them. It is nothing less than child sexual abuse.

Prior to Referendum 74 legalizing gay marriage in Washington in 2012, proponents of gay marriage claimed that they just wanted basic rights and that gay marriage wouldn’t hurt marriage or anyone else. Well today, we see now see that they monstrously lied to the public while cleverly hiding their real sexual agenda.

Nine years later, schools boast of gender neutral bathrooms and showers, we frequently hear of sex abusers trolling libraries as Drag Queens, teachers subjecting young children to discussions about sexual activities and encouraging them to self-mutilate, and we’ve now reached the final stage where mainstream leftists are normalizing pedophilia and child sexual abuse.

The line must be drawn somewhere, and there is only one logical place. Either we adhere to the natural, traditional definition of marriage and sexuality, or anything goes. Without clear standards, the line will continue to be pushed and children and families will suffer and die.

Unfortunately, normalizing pedophilia is not where this all ends. The real efforts to normalize these radical LGBTQ behaviors, porn, abortion, and other disordered or mentally ill behaviors began a slippery slope that points to an apocalyptic future for our country. Gay marriage was purportedly just about adults and basic rights, but the results of that culture norm being broken and the constant perverted sexual indoctrination of our children has now resulted in societal-ending culture changes that are undeniable!

A recent study that good little coverage by the corrupt media now reveals 39% of Millennials now identify as LGBTQ. We are way beyond a “political” or “public health” or “mental health” crisis. This figure, which keeps growing, points to a baby-less, mentally ill future and should scare the living daylights of every thinking individual who wants the US to survive as a nation! The continued elimination of heterosexual marriages, families, and babies will end our nation!

Today, the Democrat Party leaders, the press, and our establishment elites must make a choice—serve God or serve Satan with regard to sexuality, children, and marriages.  And Republican leaders and Christians better start fighting back against this evil and start evangelizing and teaching what God commands. If the left continues its successes in turning America into a modern-day Sodom or Gomorrah, we will end up in the same place—extinction.

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