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Here’s how you can engage in Washington’s legislative session

Are you looking for a way to become more involved in local and state politics and make a difference in your community? We know exactly how to help you get started, and you can dig deeper in our “DEFENDERS in Action” series that walks you through how to engage in the legislative session as a citizen.



Look Up a Bill

While it may seem simple, sometimes looking up a bill on government websites can be overly complex. This booklet walks you through the process of finding bill information, distinguishing between House and Senate bills, bills vs. initiatives, and more.






Register Your Position

If you want your voice to be heard in the legislative branch, one of the simplest yet most effective things you can do is register your position on all pertinent bills. You can begin the process of determining which bills to register in support or opposition of by reading through FPIW’s legislative updates, which provide details on numerous bills in the legislature as well as guidance for conservatives on where to stand. This booklet helps you navigate the legislative updates and how to register your position on the government website.




Written Testimony

Providing written testimony is also a powerful tool at your disposal. Providing written testimony doesn’t have to be long or complicated – even just a few sentences will do – but it is incredibly helpful for your state legislators to hear how their constituents feel about bills in their own words. This booklet simplifies the process and takes you step-by-step through submitting your testimony.





Testify in Person

Testifying in person, while the most time consuming of these options, is possibly the most effective way to have your voice heard with the highest degree of impact. This booklet provides examples, rules, and other things to consider when you are registering to testify in person, either as a group or by yourself. We strongly encourage you to read through the sections on how legislative hearings are conducted and the proper formalities to adhere to when providing testimony.





Testify Remotely

If you are unable to provide in-person testimony for any reason, testifying remotely achieves nearly the same goal as testifying in person. This is a great option if you feel strongly about a certain bill but can’t make it to Olympia. This booklet explains how to register to testify remotely and the procedure involved in doing so.




For weekly updates on the legislative agenda in Washington, visit our FPIW Action website here and be sure to subscribe for email updates. In our legislative updates you will find detailed information about bills, initiatives, and how to get involved. Don’t forget that your civic activism matters; it has the power to change the votes of your elected officials.

These booklets only scratch the surface of the resources and information available to our DEFENDERS at We encourage you to take a look for yourself, and consider starting a small group with some of your friends who may be interested in the conservative movement. We know that in order to turn the tides of Washington, all 1.7 million conservatives in our state must band together, or our impact will not be felt to its fullest potential.

Let’s defend Washington!


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