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It couldn’t be clearer: gender-confused individuals need true help, not harm

Six people were murdered inside a Christian school by a biological woman who “identified” as a man on Monday, March 27 in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s time for the lies to end that “gender dysphoria” is harmless, normal and acceptable. These lies are endangering the lives of too many individuals across the country.

The perpetrator was a 28-year-old female who attended Covenant School for at least two years while she was in elementary school. Police have suggested her attendance at the school is tied to her decision to commit the act of violence at that location, saying she likely had “some resentment for having to go to that school.” Police also suggested that the attacker’s “identity” as transgender was relevant to her act of violence. 

This incident confirms what we have known since the lunacy of the “gender identity” ideology began – gender confusion is a serious mental health issue, and it must be addressed as such. Not every gender-confused individual is capable of violence as egregious as the attacker’s in Nashville, but every gender-confused individual needs help – not “gender-affirming” practices which aggravate the issue, but actual help from medical professionals.

As Christians, we are called to love one another – but part of loving others is spreading truth and standing up for Biblical values. There is no room for hate in the Christian community, but there is also no room for silence. The church must stand up against the injustices and lies of “gender identity” in America – walking a fine line between not catering to the lies in the name of “loving thy neighbors,” while also not isolating or rejecting the very individuals we were called to help.

“Obviously, it’s a mental health issue, and it’s just a complete and total tragedy,” Rep. Tim Burchett shared. “I honestly feel like this is some sort of demonic possession that has gotten into our world today. And it’s become accepted.”

The transgender movement in America is a tool of our common spiritual enemy to push America further away from God. We urge you to continue to pray for the leaders of our nation – that they would stand against all spiritual lies and advocate for the right courses of action, even if unpopular. 

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