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Join us for Giving Tuesday

giving tuesday

Here at FPIW, we are excited for a new hope. With your partnership, we will start to take back the public square in 2024.

To do this, we are embarking on a bold, innovative strategy to engage culture effectively and make policy changes, and it all depends on our DEFENDERS’ support.

We know that bringing common-sense, Christian policy into the public square is not outdated. In fact, we believe young parents are yearning to build a better future for their children in Washington.

That’s why on December 8th, we’ll be hosting a live, in-studio video event that will be broadcast online to present our 2024 agenda for DEFENDERS in the state of Washington – the 1.7 million conservatives. (Don’t believe me? Join us to find out why we give that 1.7 million number.) 

On this Giving Tuesday, we are asking you to help us prepare for 2024, a year for which we have ambitious goals. We want each and every one of the 1.7 million conservatives to PRAY, VOTE, SIGN, and ENGAGE.

We are asking that you consider partnering with FPIW in your year-end giving as we strive to complete a $100,000 campaign to make all of this happen. 

It’s time to take back Washington. Will you be part of this historic effort?

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