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Marxist lobbyists are scared of the grassroots movement against CRT

Last week, the largest teacher’s union in the country announced its plan to conduct opposition research with regard to the growing grassroots campaign that is working to stop Critical Race Theory from being forced on schoolchildren all across America.

This very demographically diverse group of angry activists, mostly composed of concerned parents, showed up vocally, passionately and totally unexpected at local school boards everywhere. They shocked the professional liberal elite and National Education Association (NEA) leaders all across the country and put a lie to the tired charge that only “white supremacists” or “white nationalists” or “white Evangelicals” were opposed to this.

Clearly, parents of all ethnicities and backgrounds across the country are rising up to call out CRT for what it really is – a Marxist, racist ideology that claims that whites are universally oppressors, leaving “favored” minorities forever a step (at least) behind. The theory leaves no room for merit and individual or internal character, virtues, or choices, and instead explains all successes and failures as a result of external factors beyond an individual’s or even government’s control.

The response to the radical left’s push to nationally implement CRT in our schools has received great criticism from all quarters. Recently, one black father stood up before his daughter’s school board and eviscerated them, saying they are teaching children to hate each other. Mark Robinson, North Carolina’s first African American lieutenant governor, also chimed in on CRT, emphasizing the need to make sure “things like critical race theory are not creeping in and causing our children to hate the nation that they live in.”

Interestingly, just days after the NEA’s announcement, the group scrubbed its website of all mentions of the opposition research plan. Could it be because they realized that being honest about their intentions would only result in the parents’ grassroots movements growing bigger and stronger?

Here in Washington, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, claimed that our schools are not teaching CRT, but critics say he is merely quibbling. Describing backlash to CRT as “manufactured rage for political purposes,” Reykdal, along with others trying to quietly implement CRT into school teachings, say it is merely “comprehensive history” being taught. In other words, the concepts of CRT – like an emphasis on systemic racism – will be taught, just not under the official banner of Critical Race Theory, but rather, “history.”

Again, these are word games and outright lies; what the radical left describes as “antiracist” and “comprehensive” history is in fact distorted, deeply prejudiced, and frankly, evil racism.

The reality is that radical leftists are scared of the grassroots movement driven mostly by parents. Major lobbying groups are used to outspending each other when pushing for a policy, but they do not know how to overcome the passions of parents getting together on a national scale to speak up for their children and the future of our country.

The tide is starting to turn here in Washington state. I am talking to and hearing from many parents and concerned citizens running for school boards in order to stop the implementation of CRT and the sexual indoctrination and the other craziness that is targeting children. Angry parents have had enough of this harmful racist propaganda, and they want it to stop. The radicals better beware of these parents!

Let the Holy Spirit move parents across the nation to get engaged with their local schools, not only to fight against CRT, but against all other destructive instruction that is aimed at all our children.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” (2 Corinthians 3:17)

By Mark Miloscia|July 13th, 2021|Miscellaneous|0 Comments

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