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No, conservatives don’t want to “ban books”

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Countless school districts across the nation are embroiled in the exact same battle: what material should be taught in the classroom and what books should be provided in school libraries? The Left is hurling accusations of censorship at conservatives who are uncomfortable with their children reading sexually explicit and graphically violent material. But there is a vast difference between wanting to protect children’s innocence by providing only age-appropriate books in their school libraries versus outright censorship and “book banning.” 

If the Left thinks conservatives are “authoritarian” for wanting their children to read age-appropriate books in schools, they have lost sight of reality. In Iran, hundreds of books are legally banned, and individuals who publish, sell, or distribute them face imprisonment and harsh punishment. That is what it means to “ban books” and “censor” content.

“If we adopt the expansive view of book banning as not having a work physically present in a school library, then we are all book banners,” one Heritage Foundation article reads. It goes on to explain that all librarians would be considered book banners under that definition, because they make daily decisions about which books to curate in their libraries. 

The nonprofit organization Moms for Liberty has been at the forefront of parental rights issues over the past two years. They are deeply concerned about the content children are being exposed to in their curriculums and the books they have access to in school libraries. However, they adamantly reject the accusation that they support anything remotely close to “banning books.”

“No one is looking to ban books. Moms for Liberty certainly isn’t,” co-founder Tiffany Justice said. “You should write the book. You should print the book. You should publish the book. You should sell the book. The book should go into the public library in your community if taxpayers want to pay for it. What we’re talking about is curating content in a library. You wouldn’t have the same books in a medical college that you would in a seminary, and just because a book is printed doesn’t mean that it belongs in a children’s library.” (emphasis added)

The Left has lost their collective minds. It is unfathomable that anyone truly believes a five-year old should be forced to read books graphically describing sex acts as part of their education. Let children be children – let them enjoy their childhood free from the burden of reality. They have plenty of time to grow up.

At the end of the day, the question is why. Why does the Left want so badly to expose children to graphic sexual content? Why do they think it’s necessary to educate 5 and 6-year-olds about how to perform sex acts? If sexual preferences come about naturally, why do they need to educate children about all the sexual options available to them? There is one evil, perverse reason for all of it – they are grooming our children, and anyone who wants to force this information on them are predators. Plain and simple.

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