Olympia Pharmacy Appealing to U.S. Supreme Court to Defeat WA Law

The owners of an Olympia pharmacy are requesting that the United States Supreme Court hear a case involving a Washington state law that requires them to stock and dispense Plan B and ella, two drugs which the FDA confirms can destroy a human embryo.  The pills are commonly referred to as “emergency contraception” and are used to mitigate possible unintended pregnancies in their early stages.

The other 49 states in America have guidelines for pharmacists to refer clients when their request violates their religious convictions, but Washington State does not.

Many believe that the rule in question was essentially crafted by Planned Parenthood, who worked closely with then-Governor Christine Gregoire to create a policy unlike any other in the United States.

The Washington Pharmacy Association voted unanimously against removing the right of pharmacies to refer clients to other dispensaries in cases of religious exception, in direct opposition to Governor Gregoire’s efforts.  Subsequently, many of the members of the state’s Pharmacy Commission found themselves removed and replaced by the Governor in the following year.

You can read more of the case’s snapshot at this link.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is representing the owners of Ralph’s Thriftway in this case.  You can read the text of ADF’s petition to the Supreme Court at this link.

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