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Our state is not too far gone

If you feel powerless to affect change in Washington, or think our state is too far gone for the Christian conservative movement to have any impact, we’re here today to tell you Washington is NOT too far gone for God. He is still at work in America today – just look at the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. If He can do it in our nation’s capital, He can do it in the state of Washington.

Here are four simple yet effective ways you can make a tangible impact in our state. If all 1.7 MILLION conservatives in Washington band together, we know we will see a tangible difference.



  • Commit to praying for our elected officials
  • Commit to praying for our county, state, and nation
  • Commit to praying for your school boards, teachers, and support staff


  • Defend LIFE through your vote
  • Defend MARRIAGE through your vote
  • Defend RELIGIOUS LIBERTIES through your vote
  • Defend PARENTAL RIGHTS through your vote
  • Defend Godly sexuality and the innocence of our children through your vote


  • Commit to signing initiatives and referendums that align with a biblical worldview (we’ll send you alerts if you sign up at


  • Engage the culture by being “salt and light” in the public square
  • Engage your neighbors by loving them and God by advocating for practical policies
  • Engage our children by passing on a biblical worldview to the next generation

We’re taking back Washington one heart, one neighborhood, and one district at a time. Will you join us in making history?

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