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Parental Rights: What’s Coming Next in the COVID Fight and Beyond

It’s clear: parents in Washington are sick of their children being used as pawns by the neopagan radicals in power who wish to destroy family, children, and faith.

Widespread protests against mask mandates at school and vaccine mandates at work have erupted throughout the state, with many calling out Governor Inslee for his aggressive misuses and abuses of his emergency powers.

This has largely been a fight for religious freedom and individual liberty, but it is creeping onto another deeply disturbing frontier: the fight for parental rights.

The seeds of a disturbing trend have been planted in the United States. The mandatory vaccination — without parental consent — of children, as a condition of access to education and/or services, is just another step in making parents and their values and decisions irrelevant in America.

This is not conspiracy theory—if a child can procure without parental permission a surgical abortion or surgically and chemically castrate oneself, what’s wrong with receiving a government vaccine without parental permission?

In Washington D.C., the City Council passed a law that allows minors to get vaccinated at school without parental consent – even in the case where a parent specifically requested exemption from the vaccine. Plus, at the end of last week, a letter went out to parents in the Culver City Unified School District in Los Angeles saying that children 12 years of age and older have until November 19th to become fully vaccinated. No information on potential alternatives or exemptions were mentioned.

The attack on parental rights surged over the past year, and the vaccination issue is going to push it over the edge. This is not just about COVID-19 anymore. In fact, many in Washington take COVID-19 very seriously as a public health threat, and are even vaccinated themselves, but are adamantly opposed to mandates of any kind. Imagine the rightful uproar when secularist pagans in Washington float proposals for mandatory vaccinations for our children.

Again, this is bigger than COVID-19. Do you really believe that children should be denied access to education unless they receive a mandated vaccine or drug? Forcing somebody to make a medical decision for themselves – nevermind their children – under coercion is unethical.

What will come after mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for your child? If radicals can make your child’s education contingent on their political whims, Pandora’s Box will truly be opened.

Parental rights and control will be promptly tossed out the window. Will all of their medical decisions be directed by the state? Will the state have complete control over the education of your child? Will parental consent be completely abolished, allowing minors to make seriously consequential decisions, potentially life-altering decisions, on their own? They are already calling assisted suicide a medical human right, so what is stopping them from efforts to convince your child that they are better off dead?

Last year, WA state legalized child prostitution, so how soon can we expect our public schools to mandate vocational sex worker classes in elementary, middle and high school to all children without parental permission?

This year, the movement to legalize all drugs for all people took a big step forward with the WA State Supreme Court’s Blake decision which legalized possession of small quantities of drugs. It won’t be long before all children have access to meth and heroin as easily as any Big Gulp!

We have to prepare for this battle and what it will bring. Faithful followers of Christ have been labeled all sorts of things over the past year, and the insults will surely keep flying.

“We are treated as deceivers and yet are truthful…” (2 Corinthians 6:8)

Governor Inslee is just the face of the radical left’s power grab in Washington to eliminate all parental rights and make all children wards of the state. The push for mandatory vaccination of our children is just the next step in the elite’s plan to destroy Christianity in America.

Our children must be protected if Christians and our nation are to survive. Stay in the truth. Stay in the light

.By Mark Miloscia|August 24th, 2021|Miscellaneous|0 Comments

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