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Seattle Public Schools May Mandate the COVID “Vaccine” for Students

Last Wednesday, the Seattle School Board was set to take a vote on a resolution that would ask the state of Washington to force public school students to receive the COVID-19 “vaccination” in order to attend school.  The board, however, decided to press pause on pushing through the resolution in order to meet with “communities of color.”

The Seattle School Board is showing their anti-white bigotry by only talking to non-whites about their vaccine concerns. This is racist and needs to be condemned in the harshest words and brought before the various Human Rights Commissions.  I wouldn’t hold my breath, since today they seem to be on a mission to discriminate and harm Christians, whites, males, Conservatives, and heterosexuals. It is time for these agencies to be eliminated and the money put to our gutted public safety and police agencies instead.

Back to vaccines. It is notable that in 2020 the radical Democrats and neopagans and the corrupt media seemingly filled every day with the “Black Lives Matter” rallying cry, but have now fallen silent as they push a vaccine mandate while “communities of color” have received the COVID-19 “vaccination” at significantly lower rates than white people.

The fact remains, however, that a COVID-19 “vaccine” mandate for children is reprehensible for all communities, regardless of color.

This mandate would be an absolute assault on parental rights – an evil act by neopagan authoritarians obsessed with making our children wards of the state. Gov. McAuliffe of Virginia unfortunately let the cat out of the bag when he in a moment of honesty openly bragged about the radical extreme agenda when he declared he would not allow “parents to tell schools” what to teach their own children!

Perhaps the Seattle School Board woke up to the news of the stunning red wave that swept the nation on Tuesday’s election night – from Republican Ann Davidson winning the race for Seattle City Attorney to parents reclaiming their authority by sending Glenn Youngkin to the governor’s mansion in Virginia over anti-family candidate Terry McAuliffe – and realized that pushing forward with yet another attack on parents would not be the wisest move.

I have said this for a long time: the public education system, especially in Washington, has become a wasteland that is diametrically opposed to the family, parental rights, and God Himself. Our nation cannot survive if this continues. Public schools, via unruly woke school boards and politically driven teachers and administrators, subject our children to perverse books and racist indoctrination. Now, they want to completely undercut parental authority by forcing you to subject your child to an experimental “vaccine” that does not actually prevent the COVID-19 virus in order for them to continue attending school.

Parents, if nothing else has convinced you to send your children to private and Christian schools, this is it.

This will not end with a vaccine mandate. The past two years have painted a clear picture that radical pagan Democrats particularly in Washington will not let go or even ease up on power once they grab hold.

Look around: we are still under an emergency order while most of the nation (under leaders who value individual freedom and parental and Christian rights) has largely returned to normal. Yet, Seattle is lunging at the opportunity to attack the family yet again.

Once the Seattle School Board decides to push this resolution forward, you can expect a mandate to reach all of our children. Governor Inslee will jump at the chance to dictate yet another order and continue riding this power trip – this emergency that never ends.  No legislator is voting for these mandates. At what point, at what number, will Governor Inslee give up power? We are not even talking about our extremely low death rates anymore!

We need to look at what happened in Virginia to beat evil. When we mobilize, show up, and passionately speak from the heart about our values and confront evil, we can achieve incredible things. We need to show the Seattle School Board and all radicals in Washington that you do not mess with our kids.

At the end of the day, God is on our side. Stand up for this fight. Your children depend on you.

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