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Should we have our own flag?

We recently received this letter from a friend of FPIW, Philip Irvin, and thought it raised some thought provoking questions about flags, equality, and countering the Gay Pride flags that sometimes seem to outnumber our US flag and exist seemingly everywhere across the country.

From Starbucks “Big Coffee,” to niche bakeries, to sidewalks and flagpoles, and to COVID masks, there’s no escaping companies, governments and individuals who are declaring their support for the “PRIDE” movement and ideology with a flag.

Phil raises good questions: why doesn’t our side pick a flag that to rally around? Phil even designed a flag for this purpose.

Here is Phil’s letter below:

“You may have noticed a lot of gay pride/transgender pride flags lately. How would you personally like to be in a position to say to a government entity, “Please take those down or else put ones up that reflect my values as well?” 

Discrimination laws require that employers with 15 or more employees not discriminate against employees based on their existence within a protected class such as race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability. Government entities must provide equal treatment to all religious beliefs. If a government entity flies a flag to celebrate one employee’s religion, they must fly a flag supporting any other, or take them all down.  

Some might wonder whether it would amount to discrimination if a company flew a Gay Pride flag for a specific employee but refused to fly a flag celebrating the heterosexuality of another employee. To require such compliance, we need to offer a flag like the Judeo-Christian sexuality flag which I designed (see above), with a meaning that is the mirror image of the pride flag.  

To be a mirror image, this flag does not invoke a deity for values or proclaim that sexual transgressions rise to the level of “sin.” If this constraint were not imposed, the flag could be legally excluded. Instead, it only proclaims that our Judeo-Christian tradition finds sexual transgressions “morally wrong.”  

When the gay community showers their opponents with invective, they are labelling them “morally wrong.” Since both say the other is morally wrong, anti-discrimination law demands that both sides be treated equally without showing preference to one’s objections over the others.

Further, the flag does not necessarily proclaim that the bearer holds to a set of values, merely that they stand with the group that does hold them. Thus, an entity cannot refuse to fly this flag because they do not themselves support these values.  

Our Judeo-Christian tradition represented by this flag proclaims that: 

(1) All sexual activity except between a man and woman united in matrimony is morally wrong, and  

(2) Science tells us that genetic gender is established at conception. I believe it is wrong to try to change or choose your gender. 

Once this flag becomes a recognized symbol, then anyone can start demanding equal treatment equal treatment, so that government entities may either cease displaying gay pride flags or display this flag in the same manner.”

I did some research; did you know that the rainbow flag that we all see is not the only flag representing sexuality that exists? Our friend Phil designed the flag above, but it seems there are other flags cited by Wikipedia as representing heterosexuality.

There are also a multitude of flags that represent the ever-growing genders that seem limitless in the LGBTQ+ movement, what comedian David Chappelle recently called the “alphabet people.”

It seems that Christians already have a flag that represents Christians that has been used since 1897 to represent Christianity and Christendom! It doesn’t seem to be used much today and there are other variations to be found if one looks.

So, should Christians and heterosexuals rally around a flag other than the stars and stripes that they can put on a flagpole or a bumper sticker that represents and promotes our “month,” our values, and our worldview, or do we leave the public square as exclusive territory to the LGBT movement and their rainbow flags? What do you think?

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