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Teachers’ union head accidentally promotes school choice

We love those “aha!” moments…even when they happen unintentionally!

Recently, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten accidentally promoted school choice on Twitter.

“This parent chooses to drive her students to a school district that has a mask mandate. Masks save lives and limit the spread of #COVID,” Weingarten tweeted. In the tweet, she included a link to a story about parents in Michigan choosing to travel to farther school districts that mandate masks because they deem that to be the safer choice for their children.

The irony was not lost on school choice advocates, and Weingarten was flooded with comments pointing out the hypocrisy. For these radical education bureaucrats, school choice only matters when it supports the evil policies they are trying to impose on all parents and their children. But if school choice threatens their bottom-line plan to indoctrinate all school children to their perverted sexual, gender, and racist ideologies, then there’s no room for school choice.

“This parent chooses…”

How simple of a phrase, ironically unnoticed by the author of the tweet, yet so essential to what school choice advocates and parents in general have been pushing for. This parent chooses.

As parents, we should have the ability to make the best choices for our children, whether that’s where to send them to school, what they participate in at school, or decisions affecting their health or education.

We have the right to make those choices – that right is simply being ignored.

Our children are having trouble breathing beneath the mask. They are told that skin color is a large if not dominant factor in determining their success in life or lack thereof and that all whites are guilty of systematic racism. They are introduced to sexual immorality in kindergarten and told that while today they may be a boy, tomorrow they could be a girl – or neither! Or both! Even worse, we expect abortion providers and gender transition organizations to soon set up shop in all of our public schools.

Yet when parents have the audacity to speak up against this evil, school boards and teachers’ unions shudder—and they call on the DOJ to fight back against concerned parents, now referred to as “domestic terrorists,” at PTA and school board meetings.

Evil has come out in the open here in Washington State and now that they are in the open, they soon will lose to the legions of moms and dads who will fight to protect their most precious possessions—their children. The pushback is coming to these evil union leaders and politicians, and it is coming soon!

It is time for all parents to pull their children out of our corrupt schools and it is time to give parents a choice to avoid schools that now corrupt and harm children with the radical sex education, Critical Race Theory (CRT), Marxism, and anti-American ideologies.

The radical pagan left, led by many Democrat politicians, will not stop until they have corrupted every child in the land from faith, family, and basic American virtues. They have declared war on our children and it is time for all of us to step up.

Be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood.” Acts 20:28

St. Paul’s message is clear to all shepherds—guard your flock! It is inexcusable for any shepherd, pastor, or priest to abandon their flock or remain neutral while evil is actively destroying our children. Please urge them to guard their flock against the radical pagan ideologies that have taken over our schools, governments, and other institutions.

Stay tuned as FPIW ups the fight and rallies parents, politicians, and, more importantly, shepherds across the state.

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