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The Abortion Industry’s Dirty Secrets

At one point in time, the idea of fetal body parts being traded and shipped for human experimentation would have seemed like something out of a horror movie – pure fiction. Unfortunately, those dark days are here in America, and the latest report out of California is deeply morbid. If it’s happening there, it’s plausible to think it could be happening here in Washington State, at Planned Parenthood clinics and the many research institutions located in the Seattle area to include the taxpayer-supported University of Washington.

From my 18 years of experience as a legislator, I know we have a thriving state-supported medical research industry that experiments with embryonic stem cells (and who knows what else) under the guise of “life-saving research,” which was started by Gov. Gregoire with the state’s Life Science Discovery Fund.

In California, Pro-Life San Francisco has been protesting UC San Francisco for its experiments using fetal tissue and other inhumane research. The group recently submitted a records request for “human fetal tissue procurement logs” from the university, and what they found was highly disturbing.

The records include emails logging procurements of the number and type of fetal organs and body parts being harvested. Almost all of the documents obtained include records of fetal reproductive organs. One email, for example, notes two line items for “Pelvis, Ext genitalia’ harvested, followed by “Lower half of body.” The casual transactions are so callous, it is hard to believe.

It wasn’t that long ago that FPIW’s investigation alongside David Daleiden exposed the Birth Defects Research Laboratory at the University of Washington and its practice of buying and selling fetal body parts from Planned Parenthood.

This latest discovery comes in the wake of a report that identified the counties surrounding Seattle as an area with a notably high concentration of abortions.

Washington is often described as a progressive state – but little progress has been made here with respect to furthering human rights. True progress will happen not just when the number of abortions decreases, but when the culture of life expands and changes hearts and minds.

Hearts and minds, indeed. It is incredibly difficult to understand how anyone could be regularly involved in the sale and procurement of human body parts, much of which is carved from the bodies of innocent babies murdered with tax dollars.

Unfortunately, we have come a long way in the wrong direction. It started over 200 years ago with the fictional horror and madness driven human experiments as depicted by Mary Shelley in Frankenstein, to real life examples like Dr. Josef Mengele’s work at Auschwitz 80 years ago.

Today, we again have real life horrors and true evil experimentations done by modern “doctors” in California and Washington at Planned Parenthood clinics and government-sponsored research institutions. These modern-day horrors are why FPIW continues to work towards raising awareness of both the genocidal brutality of the abortion industry and its present-day “Dr. Mengeles” working right here in Washington State, as well as the beautiful vitality of the unborn child.

“Open your mouth, judge justly, defend the needy and the poor!” (Proverbs 31: 9)

Pro-lifers must continue advocating for the unborn by sharing reports like the one from San Francisco, horrid as they may be.

Because the abortion and medical research industry is desperate to prevent all of us, and specifically woman, that the “clump of cells” actually has body parts, fingerprints, and a beating heart, we must work to promote the realization of dignity of the unborn.

The radical pagans will push their extreme agendas to the brink, though, clearly, trading fetal organs and body parts is not yet considered the brink. To the abortion industry, the dehumanization of the unborn child – ripping it apart – is simply standard practice.

What is promising, however, is that today’s young adult population could very well be the strongest pro-life generation. May we lift them up in prayer as they take on the atrocities of the abortion industry, and may Jesus Christ change the hearts and minds of modern day Frankensteins and Mengeles who silently live and work among us.

By Mark Miloscia|July 8th, 2021|Miscellaneous|0 Comments

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