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There is hope for America’s education system

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21 Republican-led states are standing behind a Florida parent who is suing her daughter’s school after they enabled the 13-year-old to gender transition without notifying her parents. This included setting up a “transgender non-conforming student support plan” for the teenager, which guided her on changing her name and pronouns, asking her which bathroom she preferred to use and which sex she preferred to room with on overnight field trips. The plan even instructed the child to use her birth name around her parents to continue deceiving them about her transition.

“This is a very systematic way that parents are being excluded from important decisions occurring with their children, and further, social transition is a medical intervention that schools are grossly unqualified to be taking these steps without parental involvement,” the child’s mother, January Littlejohn said.

The following states filed a brief in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals to back up the parents in this case: Florida, Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia.

“Parents have a fundamental and longstanding constitutional right to direct the upbringing and care of their children,” Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen, who is leading the 21-state charge, said. “Unfortunately, it’s happening in schools across the country. It’s past time for the courts to do their job and step in to protect children and put a stop to woke school administrators violating parents’ rights.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said the school “manipulated” the 13-year-old child to transition while her parents were trying to help her work through her emotions at home in a healthy, reasonable manner. DeSantis has since signed legislation that will protect other parents and children from similar circumstances in the education system.

Meanwhile, there is an ongoing nationwide push in Republican-led states to reintroduce Biblical values in the classroom. In Texas, bills are on the table that would require the Ten Commandments to be posted in public schools. In Kentucky, the House passed a measure that would safeguard the “private religious expression” of teachers. In Louisiana, representatives are pushing for the state to introduce a voluntary course on the Bible for grades 9-11.

There is hope for America’s education system. Continue to pray that God would do a miracle in Washington and turn the tide against the liberal woke culture invading our state and our schools. 

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