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Was Voter Fraud Committed Against President Donald Trump?

Ultimately, unless verified, the answer to this question comes from whether one trusts and believes in the motivations and actions of the key players in our ongoing Civil War.

Do you trust and believe the motives of the news media, big tech, or social media companies who claim to be fair and honest watchdogs of the political system? Will they tell unbiased truths about the ballot counting process, or will they lie and cheat for their desired outcomes?

Do you trust and believe the motives of judges, such as the ones on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, who arbitrarily ruled that all mail-in ballots must be assumed legal and must be counted – even if they have no signature or postmark on them? Will they make their judgments on the legality of ballots according to the written words of state and federal law, or will they “interpret” according to their desired political outcomes?

Do you trust and believe that Democratic county and state officials in key urban areas are using honest workers and processes to ensure that only valid ballots are counted, that fraud is actively prevented, and that they are working honestly and impartially with both political parties? Or will they, too, lie and cheat for their desired outcomes?

Do you trust and believe that our country’s elite Democratic establishment would accept Donald Trump winning again, or would they lie and cheat to ensure that they defeat President Trump?

Frankly, based on the last 4 years, I have ZERO trust in the news media, the national Democratic leadership, or their allies.

I served on both the House and Senate election committees for 18 years as a legislator. I can tell you this: it is relatively easy to verify that a legally authorized citizen filled out a ballot, and that it was received, verified, and counted correctly. There is a paper trail that can be audited if election leaders want to ease concerns of massive fraud. Will they do this for this election, or will they fight any sort of comprehensive review?

Unfortunately, in many states, including our own, we do not verify the facts during the entire process; they just assume honesty in many places. There are many “loopholes” available to cheat, if one is dishonest, untrustworthy, or has motivation and opportunity to cheat.

The burden of proving these allegations of fraud in front of an honest judge will fall on the Trump campaign, but I believe, after answering the above questions, and hearing of the many election “incidents” where illegal fraud was observed or alleged in targeted states by the Democratic establishment, there could easily be a real, nefarious effort to ensure that Joe Biden becomes President.

Many of the folks involved, including judges, elected officials, government officials, and political operatives, have proven by their past actions that they have the motivation, ability, and lack of integrity to commit fraud. They work arm-in-arm with their partners in the news media and big tech companies, and even some in the Republican establishment, to enable this corruption.

How do I know this? These folks, after spending four years and hundreds of millions of dollars investigating Trump for a supposed “Russian Collusion Hoax,” will spend zero seconds and zero dollars truly investigating the potential of fraud in this election, unless forced.

I believe that we are in an unclear Civil War, or as some say, a time of a “Great Reset,” where a great many evil people want to remake America and destroy Christianity as a public religion. They hate us for our views on life, marriage, children and morality and will do anything to stomp out those who serve God. They clearly run the Democratic Party and the news media, and they have no scruples in what they are willing to do to destroy America and Christianity – to include massive election fraud.

What next? Verify and pray!

Some will tell us that no fraud occurred to elect Biden, and that we must trust the election system. But unless trust can be restored in the coming legal battles, I will have no trust in our nation’s national election system. Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust but Verify” – that now needs to occur. And for that to happen, your voices must be heard and we must check all ballots in key states that have fraud incidents.

And for our part, as faithful Christians, we are told of the power and necessity of prayer. Start praying. Pray that the truth will come out in the legal battles to come. It must not be shut down before reaching the Supreme Court so that trust is restored in our election system. An honest, fair review and recount MUST determine our next President.

Win or lose this battle, the Civil War for the soul of our nation goes on.

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