Washington state government hosts diversity training program advocating drag shows for children

drag queen

Washington is planning to spend approximately $83,000 on a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training program for state employees that will feature the Director of Drag Queen Story Hour, where the state-sponsored event will defend drag queen performances for children.

The Daily Wire reported that the “Washington DEI Empowerment Conference,” set to meet on Zoom every Wednesday during the month of June, will cover topics such as “anti-racism,” the “generational trauma” of minorities in America, “colorism,” and more.

On June 21st, the Executive Director of Drag Queen Story Hour Jonathan Hamilt will deliver the keynote address, titled “Drag Story Hour and Fireside Chat.” The speech’s description states that he will cover “the necessity of LGBTQAI+ family programming and how the powerful art-form of drag teaches young humans about inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and the vital freedom of self-expression,” according to the Daily Wire.

Hamilt’s bio states that the goal of his “drag persona” is “healing her inner child by offering affirming and accepting programming for kids which teaches them that it’s more than okay to be different.” On one of Hamilt’s Instagram posts, he wrote “queer subculture will always flourish through the cracks of fascism.” Is this the ideology that we want our children exposed to? Another post from Hamilt reads “Anyone that thinks @dragstoryhour is doing anything nefarious misunderstands the queer experience and their unprocessed fear is rooted in homophobia and deep trauma.” 

Hamilt believes America is fascist because we want to protect young minds from the perversion of the LGBT agenda. He believes parents are “homophobic” and have deep-seated trauma if they do not want their children exposed to grown men dressed up as provocative women performing nightclub routines. This individual belongs nowhere near our children, and it is deeply troubling that our state government would sponsor him as a keynote speaker to spread his propaganda to state employees.

Drag shows groom children and expose them to overly sexualized content at a young age that opens the door for susceptibility to pedophilia and gender confusion. We will not sit idly by as our state government endorses this practice and uses our taxpayer dollars to fund its continuation.

Two other drag queens who will take part in the June 21st session are both described in their bios as “neurodivergent” and transgender. These individuals clearly need medical help and an abundance of prayer, but they should not be teaching our children their lies of gender confusion and perverted sexuality.

Other sessions during the event include keynote speeches on “The Urgent Matter of Colorism,” “Neurodiversity,” and “PEAR” – Pro-Equity, Anti-Racism. The descriptions of each event reek of Leftist propaganda.

We must speak up and express our outrage that Washington would use our tax dollars to fund an event aimed at indoctrinating state employees with an extreme Leftist agenda. Our values, our families, our way of life is under attack in the state of Washington. Continue to pray that the tide would turn and more common-sense, Christian legislators and politicians would make their way into our state government.

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