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What Biden’s Cabinet Choices Say About How He Intends to Govern

Simply put, Joe Biden’s cabinet choices show he plans to govern as a radical. We’re just about a month away from the next presidential inauguration. While several states maintain outstanding lawsuits regarding election results (keep praying!), much of the country is making plans for a worst-case scenario – one where radicals led by Joe Biden (and probably Kamala Harris) control the White House for a four-year stint.

Of course, a Biden victory was a foregone conclusion for the media, academia, Hollywood, and Big Tech, who did everything in their power to bury every negative story that implicated Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, or any of their radical, liberal friends, and promoted mostly made-up stories they knew would damage conservatives, America, Christians, and President Trump. It was a one billion dollar Orwellian disinformation campaign that would have made Joseph Stalin, Joseph Goebbels, or the Chinese Communist Party proud.

We anticipate that a Biden Administration will carry priorities that look strikingly similar to those championed by Washington and California – shameless promotion of abortion, sex education and racist indoctrination for children, combined with a climate-change agenda that slows down the economy, reinstatement of Socialist-level government control over healthcare and frankly, everything else they can get their hands on.

This is illustrated clearly by the first round of Biden’s Cabinet appointee announcements.

Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary: Biden intends to nominate former presidential candidate “Mayor Pete,” formerly the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a town of about 100,000, to serve as Transportation Secretary. Buttigieg, with virtually no transportation experience at all, is qualified because he meets one of the key measures for determining competence in a Biden administration: He is married to someone of the same sex. Yes, who one sleeps with is now back in vogue as a criterion for government advancement and appointments. As a plus to the radicals, he also openly supports all efforts to undermine the traditional, historical definitions of marriage and family and gender. Expect an aggressive attempt to “sexualize” transportation projects all across America.

Xavier Becerra, Health & Human Services Secretary: Becerra, as Attorney General of California, actively persecuted Christians and those with conservative values. A champion for all regressive liberal policies, Becerra relishes opportunities to punish those he disagrees with. As HHS Secretary, he is almost certain to promote gender change procedures for children, full funding for abortion, without restriction, and contraceptives mandates for business owners and churches.

Neera Tanden, Budget Director: Tanden’s nomination will be opposed by both Republicans and Democrats due to her role in outing a victim of sexual harassment at the Democrat-controlled political advocacy group, Center for American Progress. Under her leadership, the radical organization has opposed nearly all policy objectives of the Family Policy Institute of Washington.

Deb Haaland, Interior Secretary: The intended nomination of Deb Haaland, a New Mexico Congresswoman and radical liberal, shows the Biden Administration plans to aggressively legislate on climate issues. Haaland, a Native American, opposes drilling, mining, fossil fuels, pipelines, and anything that infringes on what was once land held by Native Americans. Any efforts to diminish American energy supplies will result in dramatic energy cost increases for Washingtonians.

Antony Blinken, Secretary of State: Blinken, an open critic of Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda, is nominated to lead U.S. foreign policy efforts. He plans to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and attempt to revive the Iran Nuclear Deal. While Jewish, Blinken’s policy objectives are expected to cause a great deal of headache and uncertainty for Israel.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary: Pramila Jayapal, Washington congresswoman and progressive caucus leader, issued a press release celebrating the nomination of Mayorkas. He is expected to reinstate DACA, open U.S. borders, and diminish the presence of the U.S. Border Patrol along the Mexican border – all desired policy objectives of the far left.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Ambassador to the U.N: Thomas-Greenfield is a longtime U.S. diplomat, but one who appears very sympathetic to the neo-racism being pushed by pagan elites. Time will tell if a Biden Administration would pattern their presence at the U.N. after the Obama Administration – who undermined America’s sovereignty and promoted radical social agendas before the world.

This is just the beginning. Of course, all cabinet nominees are subject to approval by the U.S. Senate. If Republicans maintain control over the chamber following the January runoffs in Georgia, confirmation may be a tough road for some of these radical nominees. If Democrats prevail, I don’t think anyone on either side doubts that liberals will attempt to turn the U.S. into a radical ideological utopia.

For now, we may have to rely on the U.S. Supreme Court to act as a firewall, and to protect us from some of the more dangerous ideas put forward.

Please pray for our leaders, that they would turn from wickedness and receive the Truth of Jesus Christ as they step forward to lead our nation.

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