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What college students are saying – and why it matters

Last week, Gary Bauer of Our American Values shared an email about what college students are saying and why it matters. An excerpt from his email is below:

Why It Matters

The William F. Buckley Program at Yale just released the results of its annual survey of college students.  To say the results are disturbing is an understatement.  This survey is a blaring siren warning us about the perilous future of America.

    • 48% of college students expressed hostility to the freedom of speech.
    • 41% embraced the notion that violence was acceptable to prevent speech.
    • 41% embraced “speech codes” to regulate what can be said on campus.
    • 43% felt that “political opinions I find offensive should be reported.”
    • 38% believed that “political comments I disagree with can be harmful to mental health.”
    • 50% agreed with the statement “America is inextricably linked to white supremacy and most minorities are excluded from the promise of equality.”
    • 35% said the Constitution was “outdated.”  Only 49% said it should be “followed and respected.”
    • 33% said they would prefer to live under socialism.  Only 31% preferred capitalism, while 35% were unsure.
    • 27% admit to stating their preferred pronouns in formal settings.
    • Just 15% identified as conservative.

America is at a tipping point.  I know I write that a lot.  But this survey is precisely what I am referring to.  If these opinions are at all representative of the rising generation of voters and leaders, then hour is late, indeed.

Conservatives must wake up and understand the fight we are in.  This is not Ronald Reagan’s America anymore.  We don’t have much time left to save this great experiment in ordered liberty under God.

Gary is absolutely right – and it’s why FPIW’s work with Parental Rights in Education (Washington) is so critical for this moment.

We have to save our children and preserve their future. Inaction is not an option. Please consider getting involved with FPIW or attending one of our future events to connect with likeminded families that want to protect the future! Together, we can change the trajectory of our state and nation.

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