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What the Bud Light boycott means for other woke corporations

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After Anheuser-Busch, parent company of Bud Light, decided to partner with a transgender activist to “authentically connect with audiences across various demographics and passion points,” they experienced a steep drop in sales unprecedented for the #1 best-selling beer brand in America.

The partnership began with a video from Dylan Mulvaney where he mockingly joked about not realizing March Madness was related to sports, and proceeded to declare that he had just celebrated his “365 days of womanhood,” which Bud Light created a can with his face on it to commemorate.

Many women were outraged on social media and have likened Mulvaney’s ads to “a dude who portrays women as ditzy bimbos.” 

The latest weekly figures show Bud Light sales have dropped 21%, with previous weeks reaching up to a 26% drop. Reports in mid-April showed a loss of over $6 billion in the company’s market capital. Numerous conservative celebrities, like country singer Kid Rock, vowed to never drink Bud Light again and he, along with Travis Tritt and many others, agreed to remove AB products from their tour hospitality riders – this includes not only Bud Light, but Bud, Busch, Corona, Modelo, Natural Light, Stella Artois, and Michelob. 

The Bud Light story should come as a sober warning for other corporate entities who are increasingly pushing woke culture indoctrination on their consumers. Everyday Americans are pushing back against the insanity of the Left and their LGBT, pro-abortion, anti-Christian agenda. The boycott on AB and its undeniable impacts on their sales is proof that ordinary Americans haven’t lost their minds or sold out to the liberal agenda. 

“This isn’t about beer. It’s about phrases like ‘menstruating people.’ ‘Pregnant people.’ ‘Birthing people,’” conservative commentator Dana Loesch wrote. “It’s about teenaged girls who are raped in high school bathrooms by legal-age males cosplaying as female. This isn’t about beer. It’s about women who work their entire lives training, competing, perfecting their skill only to be shoved off the podium by a male whose only advantage is biological size. It’s about how men who don womanface — and protest their uncomfortableness at having to share spaces with other men — demand accommodation at the expense of women’s comfort because our comfort is now an afterthought.”

The transgender movement is a slap in the face to biological women – and there is no other way to interpret it.

AB has tried to backtrack the partnership in recent weeks by denouncing it as “one influencer, one post, and not a campaign,” while also attempting to mend relationships with distributors by offering free cases of Bud Light to every employee, and putting two executives on leave who were responsible for the partnership.

Corporate America is so clearly out of touch with everyday consumers. This is yet another instance of corporations and politicians listening to the vocal minority, drowning out the sane voices of the silent majority. Brands considering partnerships with LGBT influencers should take a long, hard look at the ill-fated decisions of Anheuser-Busch, and think again.

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