What’s Up With Puyallup Schools?

A few months ago, an elementary school in Puyallup was caught promoting “transgender” top-surgery and “queer” themes to its students. In the library display case was a radical book called Felix Ever After, in which the main character is a biological female who “transitions” (undergoes mutilation surgery) to “become” a male. Even the publishers of the book recommended it for readers ages 14 and up, yet this book was on display for five-year-olds.

Apparently, Puyallup School District is still blazing ahead on its path to radically indoctrinate all of our children and promote the worst sort of evil.

While the mainstream media and many teachers’ unions are adamant that Critical Race Theory (CRT) isn’t being taught and that the pushback from parents is misguided, Puyallup School District distributed talking points to staff, instructing them that when talking with parents, they should deny that CRT is being taught, while defending the theory.

While the memo to Puyallup staff denies that CRT is taught in schools, it defines CRT as “a college graduate framework that examines why racial inequalities exist in systems and how to eliminate them. CRT seeks to make sense of the connections between race and social inequality, emphasizing that race is not biological, but a socially constructed idea.”

Yet, in the same memo, staff are encouraged to emphasize that their “instructional practices are grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

By intentionally describing CRT as a “college graduate framework,” Puyallup administrators give the impression that the theory is found exclusively at the university level. That’s simply not true, as any simple Internet search will confirm, or any number of local media (Jason Rantz, Chris Rufo) have confirmed. The reality is that many schools across the country are being indoctrinated with CRT and even uglier gender sexual indoctrination programs with teachers pledging to move forward and corrupt children even in violation of the law and morality.

In fact, in July, the largest teachers’ union in the country announced its plan to fund opposition research to counter the growing anti-CRT grassroots movement among parents. Then, they quietly removed any mention of the plan from their website after the announcement received attention from the very people they tried to hide their intentions from: parents.

The claim that CRT isn’t being taught has already been debunked. The mixed signals given by bureaucrats, activists, and teachers’ unions are intentionally deceiving to the point that they are not even pretending to care for reality or facts. If one thinks that this racism and management hiding cannot happen in “red” school districts – think again. Moses Lake School district is facing the same problems. The district has provoked backlash from parents who are working to take back the school district. We will soon see if they succeed this election cycle.

CRT (which teaches racism) and the gender and sexual indoctrination (which teaches child abuse) is happening in elementary, middle, and high schools across the country – not just college classrooms and public libraries. These are morally baseless practices that will permanently physically, emotionally, and spiritually harm and corrupt children for the rest of their lives. We all must oppose child abuse if we are to stop this. It seems virtually every government agency has as its mission today to harm or corrupt children.

FPIW will be introducing a bill in WA state labeling these teaching activities as child abuse in order save our children before it destroys all who attend public schools.

It should not be hard to give Pastors and other moral community leaders motivation to get involved. It is time for all Churches, families, opinionmakers, and elected leaders to raise their voices in opposition to this evil aimed at harming children.

The administrators in the Puyallup School District and the radical legislators in Olympia must have thought they could slip this one past parents and their community – or they just do not care about parental opposition.

Washington’s public schools are at the precipice, and it is up to us with God’s help to take action.

Don’t believe the lie that CRT isn’t being taught.

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