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Who Are Today’s Bonhoeffers?

I say it all the time: we need Christians and Pastors to be Good Shepard’s, engaged and willing to “leave the 99 sheep in the hills to look for the one that has strayed” (Matt 18:12). Here in Washington State, not only are we dealing with many Biden-led anti-faith mandates, but we’re also dealing with all sorts of anti-religious policies coming from Olympia.

We must stop with the nonexistent or ineffective dialogue programs. All pastors and faithful people must boldly speak the truth about what is happening in our culture and truly minister to the sheep who have been led astray and now serve evil.

Babies are being killed, the definition of family is being erased, and people are suffering under the weight of identity delusions that can never bring them the true happiness that comes through Jesus Christ. With the push for passing the Equality Act, we are seeing the greatest government sponsored attack on Christians and families in U.S. history!

As I said, it’s the most important time for Pastors to be involved.

One important development took place this week when the Catholic League released a letter  outlining 32 ways self-described “devout” Catholic President Biden has directly contradicted the tenets of his own professed Catholic faith.

There has been persistent talk by many Catholics that President Biden and other officials like Speaker Pelosi shouldn’t receive Communion because of their gravely evil stands and actions on issues that are central to Catholics and to people of goodwill of many faiths. According to Catholic teaching, those who are in a state of grave sin, like Biden, must refrain from “Communion” until they repent of their grave sins and return to a “state of grace.”

Clearly, actively leading the nationwide movement to deliberately kill of millions of unborn babies, most of them black, and pushing for the destruction of all religions in America with the Equality Act, makes it hard to argue that President Biden is in a “state of grace” and is not supporting evil. It’s important to point out that the Biden Administration isn’t just anti-Catholic – its anti-all faiths.

Just check out the letter from the Catholic League – it’s damning.

Recently, 68 U.S. Bishops signed on to a letter to USSCB’s President Archbishop Gomez asking him to suspend the much needed planned discussion on what to do with those Catholics like Biden or Pelosi who are in a state of grave sin and receiving communion. Notably, Bishop Daly of Spokane and Bishop Mueggenborg of Seattle did the right thing and NOT sign onto the letter that would have postponed the much needed discussion. Pray that the Catholic Bishops, in their meeting, correctly serve God and their flock, and decide on a real strategy that will return the lost sheep.

We’re at a point in history where we have to consider weather our silence or inaction with regard to evil is similar to that displayed by many Christian leaders during the reign of the Nazis in WWII. Like then, we’re seeing babies killed, children and adults surgically mutilated in the name of “social progress,” and people vilified for their beliefs and cast out of jobs for failing to adhere to the doctrine of the State. The similarity to Nazi Germany – especially with the complicity and blind-eye-turning of media and many church leaders – is actually striking.

We cannot remain silent on these issues.

There’s a famous quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor during World War II. “Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Bonhoeffer witnessed atrocities around him. He spoke up when almost everyone else stayed quiet.

Who are today’s Bonhoeffers?

Churches and church leaders must be clear and unequivocal about their support for truth and their opposition to evil and truly work to save the souls of President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and all other politicians in Washington State who have embraced evil. Being blunt, virtually every state and federal Democratic elected official in Washington State has abandoned Christ’s teachings, and now work to implement the greatest evils of our time.

When pastors and church leaders remain silent on the issues of abortion, sexual identity, marriage, child abuse, racism, or the other evil acts afflicting our culture, it confuses the faithful, emboldens evil, and allows Satan to triumph. Even worse, the damnation of those we care about is the end result. It is time for Pastor’s to start saving souls, before it is too late.

I care for Biden, Pelosi and all the those in office who are lost, and I definitely do not wish their damnation and destruction.

Together, let’s stop ignoring the lost sheep! Let’s call out and truly minister with love in our hearts to our modern-day Pharisees, false teachers, savage wolves, and lost sheep who serve evil and bring them back to God. When we do that, there will be much rejoicing in heaven!

Join FPIW as we do the hardest work – to restore Christian values to Washington State.

By Mark Miloscia|June 11th, 2021|Miscellaneous|0 Comments

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