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YouTube denies help for LGBTQ individuals

YouTube recently banned content intended to help individuals who struggle with same-sex attractions.

The platform no longer permits videos that promote or help a person shift their sexual behavior from “gay” to “straight” behavior, even though the opposite direction is encouraged, even though this illegally promotes sodomy over normal sexual behavior, and even though numerous individuals have done so on their own. This heterosexual and Christian-directed bigotry is killing and harming people and is a grave evil.

YouTube has also removed information about how treating trauma in one’s past can change his or her sexual feelings. Clinical psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi was also banned from the site over his research demonstrating the benefits of Reintegrative Therapy.  

In an article published by the Federalist, Nicolosi discussed how he helps clients work through traumatic memories, and noted that human sexuality can be altered by our experiences. 

Most of his clients suffer from depression, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health problems. Many also suffer from same-sex attractions that are believed to be caused by their traumatic experiences. Now the progressive pagan mob is denying these people the needed medical and mental health help they need. 

“Unfortunately, Big Tech, Big Media, and LGBT activists have gone overboard. They risk ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ by denying clients whose values and worldview are different from their own from learning about effective therapies. Objective science doesn’t care about political agendas. Everyone should put those seeking help first, now and always,” wrote Nicolosi. I would add the Democratic Party to the list of groups who have made sexual anarchy a core belief.

The information that YouTube has removed due to selfish interests could drastically improve and even save the lives of LGBTQ individuals and sex abuse victims. The platform has prioritized its progressive agenda over the well-being of those with differing viewpoints. 

Nicolosi reposted his videos to Odysee, where the thousands of people who have benefitted from them can continue to access them. This is exactly what our response should be when we experience censorship. We should challenge the platforms engaging in censorship, but also find new avenues for sharing the truth

A Marriage and Family therapist here in Washington is facing a similar challenge. Current law in our state prohibits conversations between counselors and minor clients with the goal of changing the minor’s sexual identity. Therefore, counselors are prohibited from encouraging a sexually confused person from remaining chaste. Again, those suffering from same-sex attractions are being denied the help they need. 

Therapist Brian Tingley works with many clients who struggle with their gender identity and are often referred to him by churches. Tingley has the right to counsel his clients based on their shared faith, but state law threatens to fine him up to $5,000 each time he does so. 

Tingley is doing the right thing and standing up for our freedoms of speech and religion in Washington. He is challenging SB 5722 and recently appealed his case after it was thrown out by a district court. 

Our lawmakers are denying children the critical medical care that they need and as a result, are committing a great evil as a result. 

Please pray for an end to dangerous big tech censorship, the repeal of SB 5722, and that our brothers and sisters afflicted with same-sex attractions and gender dysphoria get the compassion, love, and help they need from their families, their doctors and therapists, their government officials, and the entire Christian community.  

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