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We believe life is sacred and should be protected at every stage and at every opportunity. Life begins from the moment of conception and continues to the moment of natural death.

Religious Freedom

We believe, and the science confirms, that religious observance and faith in God have an overwhelmingly positive impact on society, families, and children.

Marriage & Family

We believe, and the science and history confirm, marriage and the nuclear family is the most significant relationship and institution in existence.

Parental Rights

We believe that both the responsibility and the authority for raising children rest primarily with their biological or adoptive parents, and not the government.

Protecting Our Children

We believe parents are responsible for the well-being and education of their children. FPIW is committed to defending children and the vulnerable.

Addiction & Mental Health

We affirm the guiding principle that addiction can be overcome through loving relationships, especially a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Public Safety

We believe government is for the purpose of protecting our rights, defending the innocent, and establishing peace and order within our society.

The Poor & Homeless

We believe the poor are to be cared for by the Church, not the government. We reject socialism and its aim to redistribute wealth by force.