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2014 Election Update

Yesterday, we posted the results of the state legislative races as of election night. While none of the races for State Senate appear close enough that the winner will be determined by the late arriving ballots, we identified 6 House races.

However, as ballots were counted the day after the election, there has been movement in each of the races and in one case, a new leader

Here are some races that are still too close to decide on a winner:

  • 17th legislative district (Vancouver): Still at 51-49%, Republican Lynda Wilson is slowly gaining a lead over incumbent Democrat Monica Stonier. Yesterday’s 525 vote difference is now up to 753.
  • 25th legislative district (Puyallup): Also gaining more votes is Republican Melanie Stambaugh. Yesterday, Stambaugh was leading with 1,353 votes. Today, with close to 54% of the votes, Stambaugh is leading incumbent Democrat Dawn Morrell with over 2,000 votes.
  • 26th legislative district (Gig Harbor/Port Orchard): Republican Michelle Caldier is still leading in the 26th legislative district. Though she is close to having 50.5% of the votes, she is still ahead of her Democrat opponent, incumbent Larry Seaquist, with 232 votes. This is up from her 78 vote lead from yesterday.
  • 28th Legislative District (Lakewood): Yesterday, Republican Paul Wagemann was leading the race with 69 more votes than Democrat Christine Kilduff. Today, Kilduff has received 41 more votes than Wagemann and is now leading the race.
  • 35th legislative district (Shelton/Mason County): Democrat incumbent Kathy Haigh had a 223 vote lead over Republican Dan Griffey. While Haigh still holds the lead, the margin of votes is shrinking. What has a 223 vote lead has now become a 110 vote lead.

Click here to check the election results as the ballots continue to be counted.

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