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ALERT: Join FPIW to Support Kennedy Catholic High School TOMORROW, Tuesday, February 18

Five months ago, CRISTA’s Kings School in Shoreline was attacked by media, activists, parents, and even some employees for teaching the concept of Christian Marriage in their private school.

This week, it is Kennedy Catholic High School’s turn to face hate and persecution from the radical left. Over the weekend, several prominent elected officials in Western Washington fanned the flames against Kennedy Catholic’s constitutional and religious rights to only hire teachers who support and practice their sincerely-held Christian beliefs on gender, sexuality, and marriage.

Two teachers at the center of this controversy made choices to abandon the Church’s teachings and resign. The school shouldn’t be punished for that.

We are coming together to counter-rally, and to show support for Kennedy Catholic High School and all the other faith-based schools in our state who are standing strong for their beliefs – even in the face of vitriol, mockery, and humiliation.

Please make plans to join us tomorrow, Tuesday, February 18th for two rallies:

  • 9:00am: We’ll show our support to the Seattle Archdiocese (710 9th Avenue, Seattle, WA), which is facing immense pressure to abandon its beliefs on Biblical marriage;
  • 1:00pm: We’ll show our support to Kennedy Catholic High School (140 S. 140th Street, Burien, WA)

It is time for wiser heads to prevail here in King County, and to stop the persecution of the Catholic Church by the radical left.  All religions have the right to hire only teachers that practice their faith.

Do we really want to allow the Court of Public Opinion to repeal the First Amendment and continue to threaten places of worship? Much less in a county named after the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., who also believed that marriage is an institution designed for one man and one woman?

We cannot allow these radical leftists to extinguish the flame of religious freedom and free speech in the Seattle Metro area. Whether you plan to attend tomorrow’s rallies or not, please pray that God would grant those who are facing unfair public pressure to have courage and faithfulness as they unite to weather this storm and boldly proclaim the Truth of Jesus Christ.

In addition, please pray for the two teachers who resigned, and for the protesters who support them. May God open their hearts and minds to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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