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Democratic Legislators Labels Faithful Christian Parents Child Abusers with HB1901

As the neopagan Democratic Party and our establishment elites lead a growing movement to normalize gender “reassignment” and feed children lies about their identity and dangerous sexual behaviors, it’s crucial that we make a real effort to protect children from this deadly ideology before it is too late.

Gov. Greg Abbott sent a letter to the Department of Family and Protective Services this week warning that Texas would prosecute parents who permit their children to “change” their gender. Even teachers, nurses, doctors, and others would be criminally charged for not reporting instances in which children are allowed to undergo gender “reassignment.” Abbott also rightfully told the agency that it “is responsible for protecting children from abuse.”

The governor’s letter was in response to an opinion written by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton which legally describes sex-change operations and puberty blockers as “child abuse” because they lead to permanent infertility. This is a life-changing decision that young children should not and cannot be allowed to make.

Paxton’s main argument is that through these procedures, children are denied their right to be able to procreate.

“Given the uniquely vulnerable nature of children, and the clear dangers of sterilization demonstrated throughout history, it is important to emphasize the crux of the question you present today— whether facilitating (parents/counselors) or conducting (doctors) medical procedures and treatments that could permanently deprive minor children of their constitutional right to procreate, or impair their ability to procreate, before those children have the legal capacity to consent to those procedures and treatments, constitutes child abuse.”

Paxton is spot on. Minors are not mature enough to make permanent decisions about their sexuality, especially when they are suffering a mentally illness—gender dysphoria. Further, 61-98% of children with gender dysphoria eventually outgrow the confusion and end up reidentifying with their biological sex.

What children, and adults, who are suffering from gender dysphoria need is the truth and appropriate counseling and therapy. The presence of distress and confusion is not a sign that they were born the wrong gender, it simply means we live in a fallen world that’s been corrupted by sin and illness.

Leftist pagan gender ideology is the Devil’s attempt to distort God’s design and encourage vulnerable people to rebel against His will. It is our duty to direct children away from evil and punish those who allow children to participate in it.

The reality of gender transitioning is that it mutilates healthy bodies, affirms dangerous lies, and leads to psychological and emotional derangement. It is undeniably child abuse, and those who perform these abuses, need to be prosecuted for child abuse.

Washington, and all other states, should follow Gov. Abbott’s lead and protect children from this abuse, but unfortunately Washington is moving to prosecute and punish people, especially parents, who publicly advocate against this child abuse with HB 1901. If this passes, publicly advocating for and influencing your children with Christian beliefs on sex and gender will soon be considered domestic violence by law, as the bill includes coercive control in its legal definition.

If this bill passes, a judge will soon have the power to issue a Civil Protection Order banning a parent from their home and banning contact between the parent and child if the parent attempts to influence their child to NOT have an abortion, NOT to mutilate their body in a sex change operation, or NOT to engage in improper sexual activity.

The parental right to parent one’s own child is now taken away. Even denying one’s child from attending optional extracurricular activities, such as joining the LGBTQ Club, will now be consider domestic violence.

Restricting gender-affirming care itself is child abuse.”

With this statement, the Washington State Legislative LGBTQ Caucus is making it very clear that their goal is to label all faithful Christian parents child abusers and to pass laws (like HB1901) to take their children away. Even worse, they imply that it is abuse if parents try to STOP teachers, caregivers, and doctors from secretly mentoring your child in radical, sex, gender, and reproductive ideologies. This is evil incarnate!

These Legislators need to repent and retire in shame. Please pray that God stops HB1901 as we all work to protect children from those who are physically abusing and corrupting our children in our schools and culture.

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