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Gentleman: Let’s Not Be Afraid to Name Our Enemies


Yesterday, on Bastille Day, another tragic terrorist attack occurred in Nice, France.

31-year old Mohamed Bouhel drove a rented delivery truck through a crowded street, running down men, women, and children along the way.  Authorities have reported as many as 84 people have ben killed and over 200 seriously injured.  Although no particular terrorist groups are claiming responsibility for this incident, social media accounts linked to both ISIS and Al-Qaeda celebrated the horrendous act.

This attack comes just as France was wrapping up the declared state of emergency that had been in place since last November’s terrorist attacks in Paris.  French President François Hollande announced, however, that he’s extending the state of emergency for another three months.

Considering all of the tragic incidents having taken place around the world — Dallas, Baton Rouge, Nice, Orlando — the death and destruction seems overwhelming.  We mourn over this senseless loss of life and we stand with all who have lost loved ones.

But as we mourn, we must not forget to look at the reality of the given situations. Evil is a real and present part of this world, and it has been exacted by those who wish legitimate harm upon others.

We must not be afraid to name our enemies.

To look at an attack in Nice and not call it a terrorist attack is ignorant. Similarly, to not acknowledge that what happened in Orlando was an act of terror, but rather an attack motivated by homophobia, is equally as ignorant.  We know who these murderers are: they are ISIS members and sympathizers; they are jihadists carrying out the commands of the Qur’an.

The events that have transpired over the past week are heartbreaking and painful. Nice should serve as a reminder that human life is intrinsically valuable, and the loss of it at any stage — whether at conception or at 100-years old — is tragic and worthy of our mourning.

Let’s root out evil together.

Megan Gentleman is a Summer Intern at FPIW.  Follow her on Twitter at @MeganEGP.

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