Thomas-Kennedy Wants Seattle to Burn

The great city of Seattle has been completely taken over and nearly ruined by extreme anti-Christian elected leaders. What was Seattle Nice is now Seattle Vice.

The latest sad edition of the Emerald City comes in the form of Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, Democratic candidate for Seattle City Attorney. Thomas-Kennedy is a proud Antifa supporter, and her main platform is to abolish the very position she is campaigning for. The city attorney determines which crimes are prosecuted, so if the position is abolished, you can imagine how this will affect ordinary families, businesses, and the most vulnerable.

A quick glance at Thomas-Kennedy’s Twitter feed paints the picture of how much of a radical activist she intends to be. She has referred to law enforcement as Nazis, called property destruction a “moral imperative,” and creatively refers to our country as the “United States of Amerikkka.” To most of the United States she would be seen as a fringe extremist with questionable sanity, but in Seattle, this is unfortunately the new normal.

Businesses have been fleeing en masse because of growing homelessness and crime celebrated by those leaders like Thomas-Kennedy. A large contributor to the growing crime in American cities, and Seattle specifically, is the departure of police officers from the force. Twenty percent of Seattle’s police force has resigned over the last year and a half, and who can really blame them? With the Washington state legislature recently passing the “police reform” laws that further tie the hands of the state’s law enforcement in addition to the anti-police rhetoric and COVID-19 vaccine mandate, it’s no wonder Seattle’s force is dwindling.

Police officers cannot return a runaway child openly prostituting themselves or doing drugs to their parents without the child’s permission. They cannot remove a suicidal person from an overpass and cannot pursue an individual involved in a hit-and-run situation. Perhaps most dangerous is the limits put on law enforcement. Police officers are routinely assaulted by out-of-control protestors and are not allowed to do anything about it. Pursuing a career in law enforcement is an extremely noble undertaking, but in cities like Seattle it has become a thankless job.

No one should expect the situation in Seattle to improve if Thomas-Kennedy or anyone like her reaches office. The state hit an all-time high for murders in 2020 with homicides in Seattle jumping 68% from 2019. Sadly, with people like Nicole Thomas-Kennedy at the forefront of the city’s politics, Seattle will continue its dive into a dystopian nightmare with the rich elites living in gated towers and communities, surrounded by a sea of those struggling with serious and deadly moral, family, mental health, and physical problems.

Seattle is enabling criminality, addiction, insanity, and vice which leads to tragic human suffering for the poor and vulnerable. While people like Thomas-Kennedy seem to ignore the suffering and the obvious disintegration of our cities and civil society, there are many concerned citizens who will not let this happen without a fight.

Many Washington families are in a precarious position. Some are fleeing the state for more Christian and rational pastures like Idaho and Texas, while others like me, still believe there is time to turn this around.

To paraphrase John Adams, our state will only be prosperous if we remain a religious or moral people. I estimate that 45% of our state remains moral and religious. We will win if we live and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help start the next Great Awakening.  God is on our side and our message is just, so it won’t be hard to evangelize the 5% more we need to set our state on a new path.

There will be more Thomas-Kennedys who want to completely dismantle the Christian society which ironically gave them a voice. And we can stop them if we lead with Jesus Christ.

“Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong.” (1 Corinthians 16: 13)

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