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Why is media distrust at an all time high?


Americans’ trust in the media is at an all time low, according to a new poll by Gallup released on Thursday.

The survey showed that while 32% of Americans have a “great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in the media, 29% have “not very much” and 39% of respondents – an all time high – said they have no trust “at all” in the media.

In Gallup’s 50 years of tracking American’s trust in the media, only one other time has a low of 32% been recorded – in 2016, during the presidential election. The analytics organization labeled their findings this year “the grimmest in Gallup’s history.” It has been 18 years since half or more of Americans had a “great deal or fair amount” of trust in the media.

But is there any wonder why? Legacy media organizations are overrun with woke ideology, and it has seeped into every story, statement and news segment they provide. Citizens can scarcely put together a clear picture of the Israeli-Hamas war due to the massive amounts of biased information and outright lies plaguing the media, which directly stems from the Left’s refusal to denounce the terrorist organization Hamas.

“Conservatives have long observed the legacy media’s leftist tilt, but in recent years, so many outlets have become zealots for woke ideology,” Tyler O’Neil wrote.Even outlets like the Associated Press and Reuters, which often cite both sides in a story, routinely omit any disagreement with transgender ideology and climate alarmism. So much of the legacy media seems more focused on silencing dissent on certain topics or fitting everything into its narrative than on reporting the facts on the ground.” (emphasis added)

We know finding reliable sources amid the deception plaguing mainstream media can be challenging. Below are a few news sources we trust to provide accurate information and interpretations of current events:

Please note that while we do trust these media sources above other mainstream outlets, this is not an endorsement of all their content, and we encourage you to use your own judgment and Biblical values to examine news content and formulate your own opinions.

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