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For anyone who has ever advocated for life on the sidewalks outside of an abortion facility, you know a lack of support, medical care, housing, transportation, etc. are often cited as justifications for abortion. Meeting these needs in Jesus’ name is the practical confirmation of the hope we, as Christians, proclaim and the manifestation of the love He has placed in our hearts for others. Of course, no single individual or organization can possibly meet all the needs of every mother struggling with a crisis pregnancy. Sadly, individuals or organizations that are able to collectively meet these needs are often unknown and disconnected from each other.

It was this dilemma that led to the formation of Abundant Life. They are a registered 501c(3) organization whose mission is to advance gospel-centered, life-affirming work. Abundant Life recognizes that supporting women and families is done most effectively in partnership with Spirit-filled Christians. Hence, they have created a ‘central hub’ model of Christian, pro-life resources.

Via the hosting of four regional networking meetings monthly across Washington state, they have fostered greater connectedness amongst a myriad of Christian service providers while avoiding duplicating efforts and squandering precious resources. These monthly meetings are held under the supervision of Executive Director, Beth Burns – and the able work of Makenzie Steele, Mary Johnson, Patty Ramsey and Natasja Niles. The four regions include Snohomish-King Counties (AL West), Skagit-Whatcom-Island Counties (AL North), Pierce-Kitsap Counties (AL South) and Spokane County (AL East).

Due to generous financial support and the voluntary work of citizens across the state, Abundant Life is able to provide the following services:

  • Medical Care: There are many programs that serve both the uninsured and the under-insured. Whether a woman or parent’s needs help signing up for DSHS, in-home case management, or direct services, their partners are available to serve.
  • Pregnancy Care: Abundant Life Pregnancy Clinic partners are perfectly equipped to walk alongside expectant parents. They help mom and dad find peace by providing information, critical supplies, and educational support.
  • Counsel & Support Groups: These important programs offer community by providing biblical discipleship, peer support groups, mentoring relationships, camps, and special events. Practical needs are often met, such as food, clothing, diapers, wipes, life skills training, connections to the local church, and much more.
  • Housing: Whether through a pregnancy clinic, counseling program, mentoring group or local church, homeless and vulnerable moms can reach out to Abundant Life for help finding housing. Through the Housing Hub, moms and their case managers can quickly evaluate which program best fits their needs and assist with the application process. The Christ-centered housing programs Abundant Life partners with focus on community and work closely with their residents, which leads to greater success rates. These programs are life-changing because they focus on the hope found in Jesus, which leads to lasting transformation.
  • Transportation: The Abundant Life Auto Clinic exists to support the transportation needs of local families through a monthly outreach. Clients receive oil and filter changes, brake jobs, inspections, fluid top-offs, referrals, and a car wash at no cost, thanks to volunteers and staff.
  • Adoption Referrals: Abundant Life’s adoption ministry partners serve expectant parents, offering crucial adoption services and continued support for birth parents and adoptive families.

Abundant Life will soon celebrate their 10th anniversary. During that time they have served tens of thousands indirectly through their partnerships. There are many FPIW Defenders eager to get involved in the cause for life in a tangible way. The body of Christ has many parts with varied gifts and Abundant Life would love to meet you and help you find the right fit for your unique gifts. Here are a few of the ways you can engage with Abundant Life:

  • Give Financially: Abundant Life offers special grants to trusted community partners and their clients. This allows them to act as a safety net where the following resources can be difficult to find: rental support, homelessness prevention, vehicle repair grants, educational grants and household goods.
  • Church Partnerships: Abundant Life connects with local gospel-centered churches to help save at-risk babies. Partnership possibilities include hosting pro-life apologetic trainings, guest speakers, special events, service opportunities and providing resource materials. Ask them how they can partner with your church to advance pro-life ministry.
  • Serve: If you have a desire to put love in action the Abundant Life Auto Clinic could be the perfect place for you to serve.

As you are all aware, confronting the ‘culture of death’ in Washington state is a constant uphill battle. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the legislative power to overturn our abortion laws; however, there is much we can do to create a ‘culture of life’ outside of legislation. Abundant Life is a great example of how Christians can eventually make abortion unthinkable. Will you join with them and provide hope to a desperate mom?

To learn more about Abundant Life, to volunteer or to provide a financial donation, please click HERE.

Event Announcement: There is an Abundant Life Conference at Cedar Park Church in Bothell. The conference runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 19. Register HERE.