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ACT TODAY: Tell the DOJ to investigate attacks on pregnancy centers!

An upcoming vote in the US House of Representatives seeks to force the federal government to report domestic terrorism incidents on pregnancy centers throughout the nation. In less than a year, over 75 attacks against pro-life groups and pregnancy crisis centers have been recorded.

The Protect Pregnancy Care Centers Act specifies that the Department of Justice will be required to release a detailed report on all instances of “domestic violence extremism against pregnancy centers” within 90 days, including internal investigations regarding the crimes. The bill would pressure the Biden administration to take accountability for the violence occurring under its watch and ensure sufficient action is taken to protect pregnancy centers and the women and children they provide care for.

Passing this bill should be a no-brainer for representatives. It asks for nothing more than factual reporting on domestic terrorism incidents as they relate to pregnancy centers in the United States. Citizens deserve accountability and transparency from the federal government in terms of how it responds to violent extremism in their communities.

Democrats have repeatedly downgraded the role of pregnancy centers and the care they provide to women in crisis by labeling them “fake clinics” and spewing baseless accusations at pro-life organizations. The text of the Protect Pregnancy Care Centers Act details the tremendous work accomplished by pregnancy centers over the years:

In 2019 alone, 2,700 pregnancy centers across the United States provided almost 2,000,000 people free services and material items that were estimated to be worth approximately $270,000,000.

The services, which are generally provided at no cost to the patient, included almost 732,000 pregnancy tests, more than 486,000 free ultrasounds, 160,200 STI/STD tests, offering more than 291,000 clients parenting and prenatal education programs, offering more than 21,000 clients after-abortion support, offering more than 881,000 students sexual risk avoidance education presentations, providing nearly 1.3 million packs of diapers, providing more than two million baby outfits, providing over 30,000 new car seats, and providing over 19,000 strollers.

…From 2016 to 2020, an estimated 828,131 unborn babies’ lives have been saved through the work of pregnancy care centers.

These non-profit, community-based organizations deserve nothing less than unconditional support from every representative – especially those who supposedly support a woman’s “right to choose,” because oftentimes that includes choosing life and receiving invaluable support from pregnancy centers. 

Should any Washington representatives vote against the Protect Pregnancy Care Centers Act, it will once again reveal that their true loyalty is not to protecting women, it is to protecting the abortion agenda in America. 

Click Here to urge your representative to vote in favor of the Protect Pregnancy Care Centers Act TODAY, January 11!

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