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Are You a Highly Rejecting Parent?

A lot of people are concerned about new policies being adopted in schools around the country dealing with gender.

As gender hysteria continues its lap around the track, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that some people don’t want their kids being told that there is an infinite number of genders and they can pick anyone they want.

It is also true that schools are making plans to deal with uncooperative parents and, for the most part, parents have no idea.

With respect to a student who wants to change their gender, this policy from Massachusetts says:

In some cases, however, notifying parents carries risks for the student. Prior to notification of any parent or guardian regarding the transition process, school staff should work closely with the student to assess the degree to which, if any, the guardian will be involved in the process and must consider the physical and mental health, well-being, and safety of the transitioning student.”

That’s right, if your child is dealing with serious emotional and psychological issues at school, they’re going to consult with your child to determine whether you should be alerted.

The term they use for the wrong kind of parents? “Highly rejecting” parents.

We know Washington State schools are adopting the same policies. Multiple teachers in Washington have told us confidentially about mandatory meetings they were part of in which they were specifically instructed not to tell parents about a child who was transitioning in school from grade school up to high school.

There’s a long list of problems with this scenario.

We’ll start with the fact that the fact that the lefts own literature shows that somewhere between 60 and 97 percent of minors who experience gender dysphoria will ultimately outgrow it.

If it’s likely a temporary phenomenon, why make permanent, physical or social changes?  Do we really want to give puberty blockers to an 11 year-old when in all probability their feelings of gender dysphoria are temporary?

Beyond that, however, this development reinforces the need for families to reassert the truth that children belong to their parents, not the government.

I know we’re all busy, but parents need to acknowledge that schools across the country are plotting how to keep parents in the dark about what is happening in their child’s life.

Is it happening at your child’s school?

I don’t know, but you better find out.

Get to know your local superintendent and principle. Run for school board.  Whatever you do, do not feed your kids to a system that is convinced you are a problem they are going to solve.

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