As kids return to school, remember this

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As kids of all ages return to school this August, it is imperative that parents are aware of the dangerous curriculum and policies that will be guiding the public school system, in Washington and beyond. 

The most concerning policies circulating in the education system are those attempting to strip parents of their fundamental right to be informed of their children’s welfare and interactions at school. Countless pro-LGBT+ groups are funding programs so children can hide their gender transitions from their parents, even changing their name, pronouns, and seeking medical treatment without their parents’ knowledge or consent. Keeping parents in the dark about their child’s welfare will never be in a child’s best interest.

“This kind of approach sets up a very dangerous circumstance for children. It puts children in a secret pipeline to gender clinics, the secret being kept from their parents. The idea that students have a right to privacy from their parents would be absurd if it weren’t so evil,” Family Research Council’s senior fellow for Education Studies, Meg Kilgannon said.

The government is not more suited than parents to raise children. Forcing teachers to lie to parents and hide school policies under penalty of termination or blacklisting is reprehensible, but it’s where all the public school systems are headed.  

Thankfully not all teachers agree with these guidelines, but many are forced to attend training sessions that proclaim America is oppressing “nonbinary, genderqeer, polyamorous, and pagan” lifestyles while favoring “white, heterosexual Christians.” This is the type of content the public education system is pushing on teachers and funneling into the classroom .They are attempting to brainwash our children.

In Los Angeles, the public school district created a guide for elementary school students, teaching them how to organize “Rainbow Clubs” which includes “art, books, games, and other activities related to LGBTQ+ identity for elementary students.” The groups will create “protest art,” watch films about gay relationships, take a “Pride flag quiz,” and more. Keep in mind this is all targeted at elementary students – ages 5-10 years old. This is blatant indoctrination, trying to convince prepubescent children that it is normal and acceptable to “explore” your sexuality and change your gender, or even to have no gender at all. According to the school districts, the clubs will “celebrate” all of the following orientations: “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Nonbinary, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Ace and Two Spirit identities.” 

If you think your small town is immune to radical liberalism, think again. This epidemic of LGBT aggression in the school system is happening all across the United States, including conservative states like Florida, where 21 attorneys general filed a joint amicus brief supporting two parents who sued their daughter’s middle school for implementing a “transgender support plan” after the girl expressed mild confusion about her gender. The school attempted to hide the support plan from the parents, but eventually they obtained access to it and were horrified by its contents.

“Eventually we did see the transgender support plan, which was a six-page document that they completed with my daughter, [who] was 13 at the time behind closed doors, where they asked her questions that would have absolutely impacted her safety, such as which restroom she preferred to use and which sex she preferred to room with on overnight field trips,” the parents said.

The Left targets vulnerable children with their woke ideology because they know that one day those children will control America’s political system, and then the Left will have won. They are starting from the ground up, attempting to overturn centuries of traditional values and strong morals and indoctrinate our kids with pro-LGBT, pro-abortion, anti-religion ideas. 

We must be vigilant in protecting the innocence of our children and instilling strong Biblical values in our home. Prayer is our greatest weapon in combating the lies of the Left.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of ]the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” – Ephesians 6:12 

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