Biden Renounces His Catholic Faith in Presidential Bid

Joe Biden is 77-years old and has been an elected federal official since Nixon was President.  At his age, most people begin to reevaluate their life choices and begin to draw nearer to their faith as they prepare for their inevitable death. But not Joe Biden.

You see, Joe Biden has, at his late age, effectively renounced Jesus Christ and his Catholic Church for an intolerant religion practiced by the morally corrupt atheists and pagans that dominate today’s violent, racist, and anti-Christian Democratic Party. The Party has made the determination to lead the upcoming Christian Persecution – and churches remain silent due to unclear IRS rules!

I was a Democratic State Representative just eight years ago, but today the number of faithful Christian Democrats left in elected office in America can probably be counted on one hand. As I explained in my video released today, there is no longer a place for any real Catholic (or Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, or even anyone of goodwill) in today’s modern Democratic Party, and Joe Biden knows this.

To be accepted as a Democrat today, one must not just renounce one’s previous religious doctrines and faith, but also lead the persecution and destruction of Christians, babies, families, and America’s Judeo-Christian civilization—as Joe Biden is willfully doing.

In this new religion, the ultimate god is “feelings” as they seek domination across America in order to implement their Marxist, technological, “hate free,” “mostly peaceful” Utopia. If one looks at Communist China, one can see Joe Biden’s plan for America and Christianity in stark action.

Uighur Muslim indoctrination camps of religious “deplorables,” state-run forced abortions clinics in minority communities and public schools, social credit/cancel culture monitoring of all businesses and tech devices, and state-run “churches” where the Communist Party selects both clergy and doctrine. Welcome to Joe Biden’s vision plan for Christianity and America!

Here in Washington State, there are NO faithful Catholic or Protestant Democrat elected officials left at the state or federal level. All of them have deliberately renounced their Christianity, and now actively support the coming persecution of Christians. Unfortunately, too many clergy seem conspicuously silent, while their churches are restricted and their flock is deliberately silenced, persecuted, fired, and destroyed.

You see, Joe Biden and all Christians face the same choice today that all Christians in 1930’s Germany faced—either renounce Jesus Christ and join the pagan, New World Order taking control, or stay faithful and speak out against the persecution and death. Joe Biden decided he was willing to lead the pagan campaign to persecute his Catholic Church and all Christians in order to become president; now all of us will have to decide on November 3rd if we are going to remain silent and allow him to succeed.

Unfortunately, many Catholic and Protestant leaders, clergy, and Bishops believe that Joe Biden is a faithful man, and that today’s Democratic Party is no different than the Republican Party, or that Christians can just dialogue and reach a reasonable morale consensus on the issues of the day. Cardinal Tobin, a liberal prelate from Newark, is one of those shepherds who recently stated “..that (Catholic) voters could choose Joe Biden in good conscience.”

For goodness sakes!

Well, I couldn’t respond better than with what Fr. Altman, a Catholic Pastor in La Crosse, Wisconsin, stated: “Here is a memo to clueless, baptized Catholics: You cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat. Period!…Their party platform absolutely is against everything the Catholic Church teaches. So just quit pretending that you’re Catholic and vote Democrat.” He warned, “Repent of your support of that party and its platform or face the fires of hell.”

Now, some clergy state that both parties don’t fully follow Catholic doctrine or the Bible, so they advise that a person can vote for either candidate because both fall short on the life or faith issues. Well, that gives one license for literally supporting any evil person or issue. They set a pro-life standard that NO political party on Earth can meet EVER, while relativizing the most minute pro-life issues with Christian persecution, abortion genocides, and diabolical child indoctrination programs.

I find most pastors who believe this oppose evangelization and are actually trying to change Christian belief on life, marriage, and family. They think the Bible and Jesus Christ are just optional for believers, and this week, they will remain silent as the faithful Catholic Judge Amy Coney Barrett gets persecuted by the Democrats.

Today, there are active Clergy and Bishops like Fr. Altman, Rev. Franklin Graham, Rev. Albert Mohler, and Bishop Strickland who are willing to boldly stand up publicly to the angry, violent pagan mobs that serve evil. But we need many more if we are to save our state and nation!

It’s time for a moment of blunt honesty: If you are voting for Joe Biden and other Democrats, you are effectively supporting those who reject Jesus Christ and who wish Christians, our country, and our children destroyed. One cannot support a scripture-based, Christian society and simultaneously support Biden’s plan to destroy it, in order to embrace diabolical evil and death. This election, all of us will be held accountable to God for our words and actions this year.

The Bible offers plenty of examples of what misery happens when one rejects God and His Word. It also offers many more hopeful examples of what happens when Christians boldly proclaim the Gospel and let their light shine forth, rather than worry about receiving some harsh words on social media or possibly paying some IRS fines.

Pray for all people in our country, that they reject evil before Election Day.

Vote your faith.


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