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BREAKING: Final Charge Dropped Against Pro-Life Activist David Daleiden


A District Judge in Harris County, Texas has dropped the last remaining charge against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt.

The duo had previously been charged with tampering with a government records after using fake drivers’ licenses to hide their identities while filming Planned Parenthood doctors undercover.

Following the move, Daleiden’s office released a statement: “The dismissal of the bogus, politically motivated charges against [Center for Medical Progress] project lead David Daleiden and investigator Sandra Merritt is a resounding vindication of the First Amendment rights of all citizen journalists, and also a clear warning to any of Planned Parenthood’s political cronies who would attack whistleblowers to protect Planned Parenthood from scrutiny.”

Stand with FPIW to root out Planned Parenthood’s corruption in Washington State!

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