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Check out our new videos on YouTube!

This past month, FPIW has released three great new videos on our YouTube channel, and there are plenty more to come!

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If you haven’t seen the videos yet, here’s what you may have missed:

Government is designed to hear the voice of the people. Of course, that doesn’t always happen. But will those who mock morality, punish Christians, and shun God get away with it? After all, government is a stewardship of God’s authority on the Earth. Pastor Alec Rowlands of Westgate Chapel in Edmonds explains.


Washington State was, at one time, a national leader in the fight to enshrine women’s rights. Today, it couldn’t be further away. Without a fixed definition of “woman,” there can be no further protections for women’s rights.


FPIW Policy Director Brad Payne offers a tour of Washington State’s beautiful Capitol in Olympia, and shares instructions and insights into how citizens can make an impact on the policy process.


We hope you enjoy our revamped YouTube channel, and be sure to subscribe and follow FPIW on Facebook!

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